5 Dietary Practices To Avoid Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones, a major cause of kidney damage, often have no definite and single cause. But our little dietary mistakes can raise the risk of kidney stone formation. If you are clueless about these dietary habits, believe us this article is for you then.

Sodium/Calcium Salt:

High salt consumption through food cause more reabsorption of these salts. For kidney, it becomes difficult to flush out such high amount of salt. When do they not go outside where they will set? Of course, they will be gathered into a mass and form calcium stone in kidney. Book an appointment with the best nephrologist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities via Marham.pk and get rid of kidney stones.

Less Consumption of Water:

Enough water is needed to excrete uric acid and when we are not taking enough amount of water uric acid does not get diluted.
avoid kidney stones
In result, urine becomes more acidic and this excessively acidic environment is the cause of the kidney stone formation. Drink recommended eight to ten glasses of water to eradicate the chance of kidney stone formation.

High Protein Diet:

Protein is required for growth and major body functions but an excess of everything is bad. The protein content of the diet is broken down into uric acid which makes the kidney conditions acidic. In acidic conditions, uric acid may accumulate and deposited in the form of stones. High protein diet may also aggravate the chances for oxalate stone formation in the kidney. So be moderate in protein consumption or take help from a top dietitian in Islamabad, or other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk to take advice about healthy foods for the kidney.


Sugar and Carbohydrate:

For kidneys, salt is not only the single enemy, sugar and carbohydrate are also a threat. High sugar and carbohydrate contents of food have fate to be broken down into glucose and high glucose level in urine helps in its reabsorption. Highly reabsorbed ingredients only have one function to do, accumulate to form a stone in kidney.

High Oxalate Diet:

Tomatoes and all leafy greens are healthy indeed but they are also loaded with high oxalate and this one ingredient is enough to form oxalate stones. And these stones are most common in occurrence as 75 percent of cases are reported with this type of kidney stones.

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