5 Diseases That Causes Kidney Failure

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The kidney is a vital part of the body, which filters the blood and discards the waste through urine. The blood goes through the kidney several times, and the kidney cleans it every time. The kidney also balances the electrolytes in the body. Kidney failure is when due to harmful reasons, the kidney stops functioning properly and slowly stops working at all. Kidney failure can cause a problem with urine, blood cleansing, and stabilizing electrolytes in the body.

Below are the 5 causes of kidney failure, which a person is ignoring. If the condition of an individual is critical, it is better to immediately find a doctor online;

1. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are a solid deposit that resides in the kidneys. Kidney stones are formed because, when the kidney processes water, salt and minerals the salt and minerals cluster together to form a crystalline substance, which is in shape of a stone. The stone in the kidney can cause a lot of harm to the person, in effect, there are urinating problems and intense pain. One of the major reason for kidney failure is the lack of water intake.

2. Diabetes

In diabetes, the blood sugar levels are really high, due to which the blood vessels in the kidney get damaged. When the blood vessels are harmed, the kidney does not work properly. It is likely that people with diabetes have the problem of high blood pressure. The high blood pressure can cause serious damage to the kidneys.

3. Autoimmune Diseases

Our immune system fights foreign impurities in our body and keeps us protected from them. But, the autoimmune disease occurs when the immune system confuses healthy cells with foreign cells and starts attacking the healthy cells. Some of the autoimmune diseases are lupus, MS (multiple sclerosis) rheumatic fever, and many others. The autoimmune diseases like lupus attack the vital organs like lungs and kidneys and form harmful proteins on these organs.

4. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer only happens in men, it has a harmful effect on kidneys. The process of urination is affected when the prostate is affected. The prostate can intervene with the process of urine passing from the kidney to the bladder. Due to this blockage, the bladder and the kidney are unable to work properly.

5. Blood Flow

High blood flow due to high blood pressure can cause stress on the blood vessels in the kidneys. The increased pressure stretches the blood vessels and damages the liver. Even in low blood pressure, the blood is unable to reach the kidney and it lacks the blood flow and the kidneys do not work properly.

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