5 Distressful Symptoms of Brain Tumor

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The signs of Brain Tumor entirely depend on the size, type and the location of the tumor. Symptoms of brain tumor can be felt in following conditions:

  • When tumor compresses any nerve in the brain
  • When tumor comes in the way and blocks the free movement of fluid in the brain
  • When swelling occurs due to the buildup fluid in the brain
  • Or any nerve in the brain gets harmed

In this article, we will mention 5 alarming signs of brain tumor that you shouldn’t ignore: You can also book the best neurologist in Karachi from Marham.pk.

1). Convulsion

Muscle twitching or jerking can be one of the symptoms of Brain tumor. Seizures or Convulsion is one of the earliest signs of the Brain tumor. It happens when a tumor in the brain irritates the nerves due to which neurons get out of control and the person faces abnormal movements. Convulsions can be felt in your whole body. It may restrict to one side of the body or even one side of the face.

2). Problem in balancing

If you are finding difficulty in balancing yourself that type of clumsiness in arms, legs or feet could be a sign of warning. Loss of balance while eating, changes in facial expressions are some of the symptoms of brain tumor. You can also book the best neurologist in Lahore from Marham.pk. 

brain tumor
brain tumor

3). Numbness

Loss of sensation in any part of your body can create a trouble for you. It happens especially when tumor is appeared on a brain stem, just on a point where brain connects with the spinal cord. It is a serious concern and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

4). Problems with Memory

Tumors can definitely create problem in a person’s life. Usually person feel changes in his/her memory and thinking. Person might feel hard time remembering things and often feel confused and clueless because of it.

brain tumor
brain tumor

5). Change in senses

Person might feel changes in speech, hearing or vision. Blurred image, double image, or loss of vision can be faced by a person with tumor.

The above-mentioned points are some of the alarming symptoms of Brain tumor. Medication and treatment totally depend on the size and location of the tumor. If the tumor is large then treatment could be surgery, medication or at times chemotherapy. However, some tumors are very small and don’t even require any treatment. If you are in doubt, always seek medical help. You can also book the best neurologist in Pakistan from Marham.pk.

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