6 Do’s And Don’ts During Pregnancy; A guide to Healthy Pregnancy

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If you are pregnant or ever have been, we salute you for what you are doing or did. Raising a baby inside you and giving birth to another human is divine and appreciated. But you need to realize that giving birth to a healthy baby is not your only job. Your job is to take care of yourself too. Keeping a healthy body and a healthy mind during pregnancy will show its effects even after years of your pregnancy. Some “do’s and don’ts during pregnancy” can help you in doing so.

The good news of being pregnant comes with often useless and seldom useless advice by people. With aunties making you panjirees and your doctor prescribing you loads of medicines, you must feel inundated with all the advice being thrown at you. Well, times like this can be hard and I know that you just want a quick guide to follow. Here I am to the rescue and you can thank me later or in the comments.

Do’s And Don’ts During Pregnancy

Here are a few do’s and don’ts during pregnancy.

1.Do Take Your Vitamins:

As much as a good diet is appreciated during pregnancy and throughout life, there is no denying that food today is deprived of all the nutrients it should’ve. This leaves us with no option other than to go for supplements. Contrary to the common belief that supplements are medications, supplements are just densely packed nutrient pills. These pills will help you in making up for all your nutritional deficiencies.

It is important to consult a nutritionist or your gynecologist before starting on a specific supplement. They might assess your health and prescribe the supplements that you actually need.

Nutritional deficiencies can take a toll on your health no matter which part of your life you are in. But during pregnancy, it is even more important to stay away from such deficiencies because another life is at risk too. Deficiency of nutrients like calcium, zinc, and folate can result in your and your child’s compromised health for the rest of the life.

2. Don’t Eat For Two

“Eat as much you want because you are eating for two” is a phrase you usually hear from people around you. Well, try to realize that there is a fist-sized baby inside you, not a fully grown human. So stop giving yourself a license to eat whatever you want. Your nutritional requirements do increase when you are pregnant but not so much that you double the quantity of your food.

3. Do Exercise

You must be feeling special, now that your mother is not letting you put your feet on the ground. And you must be enjoying all the special protocol you are getting. Well, resting so much to protect the baby is doing no good to you or your baby, unless your doctor has prescribed you to do so. Get up exercise a little, move your body, and thank me when you will start seeing the benefits of exercise. Simple exercises like walking and swimming will not only help you in maintaining a healthy weight but will help you in making your delivery easier.

4. Don’t Drink a Lot of Caffeine:

Even if you are a caffeine lover and cant start your day without it, you might have to limit it for a few months. A cup or two of coffee and chai is fine but satisfying your addictions might not be the best decision. Caffeine can travel into your baby through the placenta and increase its heart rate. The buzz of caffeine you very much love is often not tolerated by babies.

5. Do Eat Healthy

Although supplements should be an essential part of your routine, they can never replace a good diet. Making your plate a rainbow and including all sorts of healthy foods, is your way to a healthy pregnancy. Cravings in pregnancy can be strong. But these can ruin your healthy diet. There are ways that can help you in curbing these cravings. There is no harm in fulfilling these cravings from time to time but stuffing yourself with tubs of ice cream should be avoided.

6. Don’t Go On A Diet

If your definitions are wrong like many, and you think that eating healthy is going on a diet, you should go on a diet.. This is for those who are planning to go on a crash diet to prevent weight gain. Fad diets like high-protein, keto, and banana milk diet will leave you with nothing but various nutrient deficiencies. Weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable, the maximum you can do is to gain weight in a healthy way, and that can be done nest by eating healthy and exercising daily.

The Final Note

Pregnancy is hard and it can get even harder if you stop looking after yourself. These do’s and don’ts can help you in leading a healthy pregnancy, but such things can differ from person to person. No nanis’ and dadis; can give you better advice than a gynecologist or a nutritionist. So if you are pregnant and don’t want to fall for all the ill information you are being fed with, consult a gynecologist. 

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