5 Do’s And Don’ts During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the most crucial period for an expecting mother and her baby. There are a number of actions which may prove to be wrong and affect a child for a lifetime. Myths surrounding what to do and what not to do may confuse parents in general. Hence, keeping that in mind here are 5 useful healthy suggestions.

Do Take Multivitamins:

It is essential to consume a balanced diet, which is rich in vitamins and minerals in order to provide the body with healthy nutrients which are needed in the growth of a baby. While just a balanced normal diet is not enough during these days, it is to have parental vitamins which contain higher levels of certain nutrients which includes, folic acid, calcium and iron. These will not only help keep the body healthy but also assist in the proper development of the fetus and would be a helping hand in preventing birth defects.

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Do Eat Seafood:

We just highlighted the importance of vitamins and minerals. However, a natural way of consuming is by having seafood. Seafood is a core provider of omega 3 fats which are important for baby’s proper brain development, along with zinc and iron, which are both important for others and baby. A variety of fish may be used to avoid the concentration of minerals from only one type of fish.

Don’t Drink a Lot of Caffeine:

Pakistanis are tea and coffee lovers. However, caffeine may increase the baby’s heart rate by traveling through the placenta. Therefore, a minimum level of tea or coffee may be consumed.

Don’t Forget to Work Out:

There are innumerable myths attached to pregnancy, while the facts are different. Exercise is good for mother and baby, in fact, it may help in combating many issues for example insomnia, muscle pain, excessive weight gain and mood fluctuations. Exercise does not mean a rigorous routine, but a healthy light exercise which may be guided by a doctor especially during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Therefore, having a workout routine is a must.

Do Gain Weight Smartly:

Pregnancy doesn’t give an expecting mother the liberty to eat whatever, and as much as they want. There is a strategic way of having what to eat and how much. Curbing cravings may help the child instead of harming the baby by gaining a lot of weight. In the first trimester, only 100 extra calories per day are needed to support a growing fetus. While by the third trimester, an additional calorie number is almost 300 a day.

However, these are some suggested Do’s and Don’ts, but each person is different and so are their body types. Hence, it is always best to consult with the best gynecologist in Lahore, Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan from where you belong for a healthy pregnancy.

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