5 Early Signs That Tell You’re Going To Be Bald

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Let’s face it, it’s a fact that nobody wants to lose their hair ever. The two-third population of men will experience some degree of hair loss at some point of their age. By age 50, the number grows to approximately 85%.

Most of us are or will experience some form of balding or thinning hair through our lifetimes. For many men, confidence is their number one asset and hallmark but the fear of balding and having the scalp visible doesn’t exactly help us to sleep well at night.

Now, before you lose hope after trying all not so very effective methods, it is important to know the early signs of baldness so that you can do something about it. You can always connect to a best dermatologist in Lahore or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk if you notice any of the below-mentioned signs:

1. Genetics:

Genetics is the most important factor in developing male pattern baldness. If your family tree is branching several bald relatives, you’re not too far from being one of them. It is one of the most common reasons for your hair loss. Pattern baldness in your family may be a good indicator of what the future holds for you.

2. Slow Hair Growth:

If your hair stop growing as fast as it used to, it could also be a sign that you’re in the early stages of balding. Another important sign is if the texture of your hair has changed when it grows back. Thin and weaker hair come back instead of healthy strands of hair.

3. Hair Thinning:

While it’s very common to lose hair as you get older, however, a difference in volume probably means that you’re in the early stages of male pattern baldness. You should keep a track of your hair’s thickness especially at your crown and near your hairline. If either of these areas seems to get thinner, you could be losing your hair.

4. Increased pillow and shower hair:

Studies have shown that its normal to lose between 50 to 125 hairs per day. Although it is not recommended for you to think of every tiny little detail regarding your hair but an increase in hair left on your pillow after you wake up or falling out when you shampoo is also an early indicator of baldness.

5. Your Head Is Itchy:

In some cases, an itchy scalp can also be a sign of hair loss. Although it isn’t directly related to male pattern baldness, however, an itchy scalp could be linked to other conditions like psoriasis or dermatitis. Keep in mind that excessive rubbing, scratching, and brushing your scalp can do irreversible damages to your hair follicles over time. Your best plan of action can be to see a doctor who can help you find treatment for your condition. You can always find the best skin specialist in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

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