5 Easy Ways To REST Before You Have No Time Left!!

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Rest! Familiar with the word and unfamiliar with the feeling?. Rest is a thing that we require at the utmost priority and not only to get us moving. It should be something that someone else should remind us of.

This is something that no one should probably be telling you about, but will ever remind ourselves about it?. Whenever we think about resting, that overshadows it. Be it family, commitments, guests, or anything else and resting become mere a thought. These factors can get in the way of our restful and restorative downtime. The truth is that many of us aren’t very good at relaxing. Relaxing should be a skill worth refining.

1. Know What Is You Favourite Way Of Relaxing

Having your favorite resting time? Sound too obvious, but many people around us, or even our own selves don’t know how to spend their time resting. A lot of people think they are “resting” when they aren’t actually resting because resting and relaxation is not only one activity, it is an outcome of any activity.
For that, you should ask yourself a question. “Do I enjoy after doing a certain activity”?
Do I feel satisfied? Do I feel relaxed?. If the answer for these is YES, those things can be on your list as your favorite activities to relax.

2. Take Your Rest Time Intentionally And Seriously

Keeping your space for a resting time INTENTIONALLY is a kind of the golden rule which we should follow. To have a good time at relaxing, it is important that we should be committed to it. E.g, 4 hours of distorted relaxation is not as good as two hours of focused, intentional relaxing. Learn to take your rest seriously.

3. Be Generous About Your Rest And Schedule It Properly

Taking time out for relaxing is possible only when we have scheduled the rest of our routine. If we don’t schedule things, the unexpected and unannounced tasks upset our whole routine. While on a hectic day, get up, take out some time to walk, talk to your friends, relax and rest so you can recharge your mood and energy to get back to work again.
Having a hard day? take a leap and reschedule your plans so you can have a quiet time for yourself. Even if only for 15-minute bubbles here and there, take your time off!

4. You Should Not EARN Rest, You Deserve RESTING

Many people have a hard time to unwind because of those tons of unfinished work, house chores, and other responsibilities hanging over their head. So, in that case, tell bribe yourself by setting a reward at completing your tasks. Just finish that to-do list before you relax, and take some time off as a reward to yourself. In this way, you can enjoy your resting time more!

5. The Most Important Thing Is To Be Kind To Yourself

Every one of us suffers from those days when we have a lot of negative thoughts and guilt creep in our minds and it completely numbs us out. In this situation, we aren’t either able to work and also can’t even rest properly. Find your escape which actually works for you because there are probably going to be a lot of days like these, and it’s okay. You have to be kind to yourself.

Life is very restless nowadays, we can’t have time for ourselves, we can’t take time out to enjoy nor we have time to spend with our families, resting. To keep moving forward with the robotic work life, it is important that we take our time off and also take care of our health properly.

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