5 Essential Oils That Can Be Helpful In Asthma

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What is Asthma?

It may possible that the majority of us know this disease but in so much detail. Asthma is a respiratory disease that occurs due to environmental or physical factors. In these diseases, the immune system overreacts to a trigger and thus cause coughing or sneezing. It causes hard breathing and in severe cases unconsciousness too. This is a chronic disease that can happen to be genetically or at any stage of life.

Common factors of triggers are smoking, food, perfumes, animal dander or any allergic substance. It is suggested that this long-term ailment can be treated with essential oils. Here are some essential oils that can help in asthma relief. You can also book the best pulmonologist in Pakistan from Marham.pk. 

Lavender Oil

Although this oil is used for many purposes but for asthma it proves to be best. Asthma happens due to inflammation in tissues and lavender oil contain anti-inflammation qualities. This oil can be used in a hot bath and can be inhaled directly. Aromatherapy is also a way to use this oil.

essential oils for asthma

Oregano Oil

Asthma triggers due to respiratory infection and weak immune system. Oregano is the best remedy for asthma as it is full of an antibacterial and antiviral compound which helps in improve breathing. You cannot use it as an inhaler however, you can use by rubbing at the chest, neck or throat. You can also book the best pulmonologist in Lahore from Marham.pk.

Tea Tree Oil

Asthma mostly occurs due to inflamed air and produce excess mucus. Tea tree oil is not only a good remedy for skin treatment but also for asthma as well. You can be inhaled in the steam of water. Use 5 to 6 drops in water and take steam.

Clove Oil

Again because of anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic agents it helps asthma patients to breathe in a better way. It protects the respiratory tract from seizing and helps in better breathing. Clove oil has an amazing aroma and thus using it as an inhaler is better.

essential oils for asthma

Peppermint Oil

The major magical fact about all essential oils is their anti-inflammatory factor. This is the reason that it helps asthma patients need it more like a helping hand. You can also book the best pulmonologist in Karachi from Marham.pk.

Asthma is a long-term disease and one cannot simply get rid of it easily. It is important to increase knowledge about it and self-treat it before it gets too late.

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