5 Facts About Down Syndrome You Should Know

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Down syndrome is a genetic condition where a person born with an extra copy of chromosome 21. As a result, the person develops differently than others and this condition limits their cognitive development as well. This disease is quite common in the world and the reason babies are born with an extra chromosome is still not known. However, early interventions are important which can help a person to live a better and quality life. To find and consult with the best pediatrics specialist in Lahore, you can visit Marham.pk.

In this article I have compiled 5 facts that should be known by everyone:

Down Syndrome Is not A Disease:

There is a misconception about this syndrome. People often believe that this disease is an illness or disease. But it is not a disease and you can’t catch it. It is a genetic condition which develops a learning disability. The learning disability affects a person’s ability to learn but it doesn’t mean they cannot learn at all.

Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome

It Doesn’t Affect The Relationships:

If you think, you have to be conscious while dealing with people with this syndrome then you are wrong. The condition doesn’t affect them and they are perfectly capable of forming all types of relationship with people they come across in their lives. They are able to make friends and they also have feelings to like or dislike a person. You can also book an online appointment with the best pediatrics specialist in Islamabad through Marham.pk.

Risk Increases With The Age Of Mother:

Risk of having a child with this disease does increase with the age of the mother. According to the facts and figure, women giving birth at 20 years of age have 1 in 2000 case of a child with Down syndrome. However, the risk factor steadily increases as a woman reaches her 40’s.

Down Syndrome Doesn’t Vary From Mild To Severe:

People do not have a Mild syndrome or Severe Down Syndrome. The ability of a person with this disease is not dependent on the condition. In fact, people either have this syndrome or they don’t.

Developmental Stages:

Just like every normal child, children with Down syndrome go through the same stages of development. There is only one difference; as compared to their peers, it takes children with Down syndrome longer to achieve milestones.

Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome

Children with Down syndrome are beautiful and they too want to make difference in this world. They have thoughts, ideas, and meaningful conversations. You just have to take some time to be a friend to someone with Down syndrome.

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