5 Foods to Boost Brain Function

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Health is wealth and when it comes to brain health no one can deny its importance. Proper brain functioning, sharp memory, exact focus, tremendous learning abilities, fantastic motor control is all that a person demands and all these can be attained by simple, inexpensive natural ingredients. Yes, you can, just look at following lines.


This vegetable is least used in our area but do you know it is one of the best brain foods? High levels of vitamin K and choline give it potency to directly work on brain cells to keep them healthy and in the best functional state. It also sharpens the memory.
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This is among the healthiest fruits for brain among all. Amazed how it can work for a healthy brain? It is naturally fortified with folate and vitamin C and both these ingredients protect the cognitive functions of the brain like memory and concentration.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Pure extra virgin olive oil is truly a brain food. Powerful antioxidants of this oil protect you from the age-related brain cell degeneration and memory, recent studies even found that it can fight against dangerous proteins that are toxic to the brain and cause Alzheimer’s. to treat any brain abnormality you can visit Marham.pk to find a top neurologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other city of Pakistan.


These little berries are antioxidant-rich foods having vitamin C, K and fibres. They also contain high levels of gallic acid; a natural guard of brain cells to protect them from degeneration and stress. To kick out stress skilled psychologist can help you out. To find the top psychologist in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi or any big city log on to Marham.pk.
blueberries are brain food


The ancient well-known root is famous for its various pharmaceutical uses and each era discovers new health benefit from it. Recent researches narrated one more eye-opening miracle of this ancient root that is for the brain. Turmeric works in a wonderful way to improve brain’s oxygen intake. And enough oxygen keeps the brain alert and able to process information in the best possible way.

Look how simple it is to achieve proper brain functioning, just add up these foods in your diet and be thankful for nature’s priceless gifts.

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