5 Foods to Make Your Gut Happy and Healthy

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The stomach is one of the integral organs of the human body which is present in abdomen lower from chest cavity. Its main function is to store food, digest some nutrients of it and then passes to the next portion of the digestive system.

Importance of Healthy Stomach

Healthy stomach is vital for the healthy body and proper functioning of the other body organs. It is the stomach who is responsible for proper digestion and supply of nutrients to all body organs which provides energy for proper functioning. If stomach will not do its work properly every organ will suffer its worst effects.

Foods to Make Stomach Healthy

To maintain the gut at its appropriate functioning levels everyone should make some basic alterations in daily eating habits as the food is the thing which directly comes in contact with stomach. If you fail to adopt good eating habits you may suffer from certain disorders of the stomach. Usually, general practitioners hear a lot from patients complaining about stomach upsets. If you want to find and consult general practitioners in Rawalpindi Marham is here to help you out. The friendly food to stomach has some general properties like;

  • Easy to digest
  • Should not have complex composition which takes too much time in breakdown
  • Should be composed of simple proteins
  • Composed of low fats
  • Have appropriate ratio of fructose and glucose

Following foods may help to keep the gut in its best healthy form.

1: High Fiber Foods:

The foods which are enriched with a high content of fiber are really friendly for the gut health. They help the stomach in its proper functioning of the digestion and have the least amount of calories. The fresh vegetable especially the green vegetables like Spanish are high fiber diet. Some nuts and seeds also included in this category which has high fiber content.

2: Antioxidants:

Antioxidants foods are another good companion for stomach health. Many vegetables and fruits like bell peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, and tomatoes are included in this type of food.

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3: Balanced Carbohydrate Foods:

The foods which have balance ratio of fructose and glucose are helpful for stomach rather than the foods with a higher ratio of fructose. These digests may include fresh fruits like;

  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Grapes
  • papaya

4: Greek Yogurt:

The normal yogurt is also beneficial for stomach health but this special type of yogurt is really a blessing as it contains double the amount of protein and has no extra bulk for the stomach to digest. So it is good and easy to digest and provide proper nutrients.

5: Maple Syrup:

This sugary syrup is a rich source of carbohydrates but has less ratio of fructose as compared to other sugary diets so it is also easy to digest and provides a surplus amount of energy to the body. Too much sugar consumption can lead to elevated blood sugar and related complications, necessitating a visit to a diabetes doctor/diabetologist. Diabetes doctor/diabetologist in Lahore can be found on Marham.

To lead a healthy life you have to keep your diet balanced. Also, you can consult some nutritionist to guide you better in this regard. When you will adopt a proper healthy eating pattern it will create many beneficial effects on your stomach and your body as well.

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