5 Habits That Can Hurt Your Kid’s Health Badly

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We love our kids, don’t we? And we want them to develop habits that improve and grow their personality. As much as every parent wants the best for their kids, it is important to know what habits are good for the kids. We need to be extra careful about our kids as they develop habits from their parents. Also, your bad habits can take a toll on their health is critical to their well-being

Sometimes, as parents, we miss out how we are raising our kids and it is then when we should find out what to do and what to not. It’s upon us that what habits we want our kids to develop and stop them from going towards an unhealthy lane. For a better understanding of your kid’s health, you can also book an appointment with the best child specialist in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

Here are a few habits that can badly affect your kid’s health:

Criticizing Yourself:

Negative comments about the way children look or even about anything send seriously negative messages to the brain of your kid. This can train kids to find flaws in what they see in the mirror, which can lead to self-esteem issues and poor body image. You must cut out the critical remarks. Instead, the talk should be about how good you feel when you exercise, eating healthy foods, or getting enough sleep. These are the lessons you should want your kids to remember.

Emotional Eating:

One thing you should understand is that emotional eating is never good. If you think you can use food to feel better when you’re sad or disappointed, this would pass on unhealthy messages to your kids. Instead, you should be working on other ways to boost the mood when you’re down or demotivated.


Too Much Texting, Emailing, Talking:

Well, its a fact that kids follow their parents. If you’re on your own phone and also telling kids at the same time to not text or use their phones, this will send a very negative message. You should have family rules about screens, and everyone, including parents, should follow them. You should use the time away from devices and have great conversations.


Making Everything a Competition:

Pointing out other kids (neighbors, classmates, siblings) to your children should never be an option. Instead, you should be praising them for who they are. You should help them find out what they’re passionate about. Support them in it. You should give them a feeling that have all the right to be who they want to be. Talk to them and make them feel good for who they are.

Always Arguing

If parents constantly snipe at each other and are in an argument, your kids will also learn that its OK to act that way. Arguments also trigger stress in children and it has a very bad effect on the health of children. If your children need help, you can also book an appointment for them with the best psychiatrist in Rawalpindi or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

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