5 Harmful Effects Of Excessive Use of Head Phones.

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Music is not just a habit but it’s more like a fever these days. Where there are tremendous changes and achievement in technology. There are more diseases that caused by technology. Head Phone, hands-free, and Bluetooth devices are the root cause of many diseases. You can also book an appointment with best ENT specialist in Islamabad via Marham.pk.  

Although they have made life very easy but excessive and high volume is no also creating ear, neck, and brain issues. Other than all internal issues it is also responsible for stress and anxiety. It may be possible that you are reading all this while headphone on your ear, isn’t so? In short, we are badly addicted to all these gadgets but here you really need to consider its disadvantages.

Air congestion.

You not only pay a good amount of money for these Head Phones but also it cost your ear air. Now, what do I mean with ear air is that when we use hands-free for so long time and high volume it may cause congestion in the passage of air in the ears and thus cause ear infections. Paying double or maybe the triple cost is not so good idea for sure. You can also book an appointment with best ENT specialist in Lahore via Marham.pk.


Ear- ache.

Using these headphones for so long can cause an earache. The reason behind it is excess of wax in the ear. Although wax is a kind of protection for ear from dust and other environmental changes its excess can create blockage and damage.


When your headphones are on obviously your connection with the world will be off. This disconnection and distraction can cause so many problems. Disconnection with people may cause misunderstanding but distraction can cause major accidents too. It can cost your life and this is a big cost to pay for such a small gadget.

Effects on the brain.

Slowly yet continuously it will harm your thinking ability. Lagging in all the thinking and brain activities can also happen. Obviously, ear, neck, nose, and brain is interconnected and if anyone is affecting it can harm other abilities too.


Loss of Hearing.

What else can be worse than this that it can lead to loss of hearing ability? This happens because of damage is hearing cells and tissues. You can also book an appointment with best ENT specialist in Pakistan via Marham.pk.
Knowing all these damages still, you are using headphones because of addiction? You are actually moving to lose a major sense.

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