Be Careful What You Wish For – 5 Hidden Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery

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There is nothing wrong with desiring to make yourself beautiful. Everyone wants to look good or wants to feel better about them self. But sometimes it’s better to watch out what you wish for. You shouldn’t go far to look perfect and before considering something like cosmetic surgery you should know every detail about it including its hidden dangers. Nowadays cosmetic surgery is on the rise and many people especially women decide on having cosmetic surgery after they’ve seen the result on someone else. However, cosmetic surgery is risky and there some dangers that should be known by everyone. The most common mistake people make when getting cosmetic surgery is consulting the wrong doctor. You can find and consult with the best cosmetologist in Karachi through

Now Let’s See What Hidden Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery Are:


Although doctors try to do their best to minimize any scars that may arise from cosmetic surgery, there is no fool-proof way to make your body heal correctly and without scars. It is a major issue and many people get scars and even keloids after cosmetic surgery.

Be Careful what you wish for

2.Reaction To Anesthesia:

There is a danger that you could have a reaction to anesthesia that is used to put you on sleep for the surgery. Although it is rare, chances are there and it can be life-threatening and even deadly. You can now book an online appointment with the best cosmetologist in Islamabad through


You can have an infection after the surgery, chances are less than 1% and antibiotics can reduce the risk but if the infection does occur then it can be very serious and critical. However, people who smoke, take steroids or have certain vascular conditions are at greater risk of developing an infection after the cosmetic surgery.

4.Hemorrhage Or Hematoma:

Bleeding is quite common for a few hours following the surgery but excessive bleeding can sometimes result in serious complications. However, blood clotting and accumulation under the skin can cause a condition called hematoma which may change the color of your skin into blue or purple.

Hemorrhage Or Hematoma

5.Nerve Damage:

In very rare and extreme cases, nerve damage can occur after cosmetic surgery. This will result in the numbness and tingling sensation. To get an online consultation with the best cosmetologist in Lahore, you can visit

Risks and dangers of cosmetic surgery vary from person to person and from one procedure to another. Some of these are common and serious. Only you can decide if it’s worth it for you, otherwise, I suggest you be careful what you wish for.

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