5 Hidden Signs Your Child May Have A Vision Problem

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Your child is struggling at school and you blame him for his carelessness. Your child’s teacher is complaining about his poor performance in the class and you take him in front of his dad’s court for confrontation. *sigh* is this fair? I mean before blaming your child, have you ever thought about any concealed reasons for your child’s behavior. Because every time his negligence cannot be responsible for everything, maybe he has a vision problem. Now you must be thinking that if there is something like this, why could not you find it yet? Well! Sometimes parents can’t identify if their child has a vision problem but definitely, there is something that you can do about this. You can be watchful for some less obvious and hidden signs that can be seen in children with a vision problem. Here I’m mentioning the most common ones so that you know what to watch for.

1.Turning Their Head To the Side:

Tilting head when reading or turning head to the side when looking at something in front of them can be a sign of muscle imbalance in the eyes (vision problem). If this problem occurs in a child, he turns his head while reading that helps him to see well.

2. Sitting Too Close:

If you see your child is sitting too close to the TV or taking book very close to his eyes, it could be a sign of nearsightedness. If your child shows this sign take him to the eye specialist who can properly examine his eyesight.

3.Lose Their Place When Reading:

When your child skips lines or loses place while reading, this clearly indicates astigmatism or your child may have difficulty seeing to keep track of where they are on the page.

4. Avoid Or Dislikes Reading And Other Close Activities:

If your child dislikes reading or tries to avoid it at all costs no matter what you do, it could indicate that reading is difficult for him due to a vision disorder. In such case, a child may also avoid doing other project and activities that require focusing up close.

5.Short Attention Span And Easily Distracted:

Although many children can be easily distracted for no apparent reason it could also be a sign that your child cannot see their work. He may also have a difficult time paying attention and might seem to quickly lose interest in games, projects, and activities that require using their eyes for a long period of time.

It is important for children to have a regular eye examination with an ophthalmologist because the earlier is vision problem found and treated, the better off your child will be in his life at school or home. So, if you notice any of these hidden signs in your child, consult with the eye specialist.

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