5 Home Remedies For Pain Relief After Root Canal

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A Root Canal is a procedure when there is a pulp-filled cavity in the root of the tooth. This procedure is done by a well-experienced dentist. Actually, this pulp filled cavity can damage and decay roots and teeth. Each tooth is a hollow structure with nerves and vessels. There is a canal that runs in the middle of this structure. During Root Canal procedure this canal is treated through roots. You can also book the best dentist in Lahore via Marham.pk


Here are some symptoms that can indicate that you need a root canal immediately.

    • Tooth swelling.
    • Sensitivity in teeth while chewing hot or cold food.
    • Reddishness in the jaw on a specific area.
    • Pain or infection in a specific area.

Here are some home remedies after a Root Canal that can eliminate pain.
Home Remedies.


After the root canal procedure, one can feel pain for a couple of days. This pain won’t allow eating anything. Ice can save you from pain and bleeding. Take a cloth and add two cubes of ice in it. Keep this pack on cheeks. You can also use ice in water and keep it in the mouth for a few seconds. You can also book the best dentist in Karachi via Marham.pk

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Liquid Diet.

This is very obvious that one can hardly eat anything after the root canal procedure. On the other hand, there is a need to fulfill are all the nutrition of the body. For this purpose, one must use a liquid diet that can include healthy shakes, oat in milk, carrot juice and other drinks.

root canal remedies
root canal remedies

Salt Water.

Salt water can be not only good for pain but also for sensitivity. Adding salt in Luke warm water can reduce the pain. Gargle this liquid thrice a day and keep it for some seconds on the affected area. Spit it out later and repeat this procedure.

Olive or Clove Oil.

Olive oil is very affected by pain relief. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the olive oil. Dab it on the aching tooth and you can feel the relief immediately. Same is the thing with clove oil.

Tea Tree Oil.

Where tea tree oil is helping in treating acne at the same time it helps to treat pain in teeth after a root canal or any other dental treatment. You can also book the best dentist in Islamabad via Marham.pk

root canal remedies
root canal remedies

Natural ingredients are really life savers. They can help in the majority of pains relief process. A Root canal is may be the process done by a dentist but it’s after effects can be treated at home.

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