5 Indications that You are Running Low on Nutrients

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You might think that nutrient deficiency is an ancient thing but even today, it’s possible to lack some of the essential nutrients especially the vitamins which your body needs to function optimally. Even the healthy food eaters can be the victim of vitamin deficiency. But you can track the vitamin deficiency if you keenly observe. How many of below-mentioned symptoms are you experiencing?

Brittle Finger Nails:

When your body is running low on nutrients especially the mineral iron, some body parts become weak and pale. Brittle fingernails, or toenails, are main indications of this. Your skin also becomes dry, dull and pale. For healthy skin, you a need healthy diet plan and proper care, for this purpose you can take advice from the best dietitian in Lahore and the best dermatologist in Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan as well via Marham.pk, where best doctors are just a click away from you.

muscle cramps result from nutrient deficiency

Muscle Cramps:

Your muscles mostly made up of protein but all nutrients, vitamins and minerals are needed for their proper functioning. A dip in levels of the nutrients and minerals can cause muscle cramping, often appearing in the calf area.

Illness and Infection:

Balanced amount of nutrient is required for culminating work of body immune system. When nutrients level dwindles, the immune system lost its power and you face illness and get infections more than often. And you take more time to get out of average grade illness, even a mild fever can takes days to leave you.

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Scaly Mouth Corners:

Not only the skin gets pale and scaly, due to nutrient deficiency, your lips especially their corners become scaly and scared. If you often experience dry, scaly and scared lip corners, it is a clear sign that nutrients are not enough for you.

fatigue can result from nutrient deficiency


Not only after the hectic day work but most of the time, if you face tiredness, then your nutrients level needs to be replenished. Nutrients and minerals provide energy for whole day work and when they are not in enough amounts your body obviously feels down.

Healthy diet intake is not enough, be cautious about nutrient ingredients and try our best to eat high nutrient and vitamin diet like fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.

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