5 Lesser Known Causes of Chest Pain

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A heart attack is a major life-threatening medical emergency and mostly manifested by chronic chest pain. Whenever a person complains about the problematic chest, everyone concludes that he is at the risk of heart attack. But it is not the case at all times. Chest pain has roots in some other conditions too. Some are listed here.


Severe heartburn may cause you to think at least once, “Am I having a heart attack?” if you feel it more often after taking meal you are not at risk for heart attack, as it only is caused by high acid in your esophagus. To solve this problem you can visit Marham.pk to find the best stomach doctor in Islamabad, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan.
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Typically, this disorder is characterized by abdominal pain, but in some cases the severe pain can radiate into the chest, causing the sufferer to think that the problem is heart-related. You’ll need a complete medical workup to determine the cause of the pain.


Another possible cause of chest pain that is not a heart attack is costochondritis. It is the condition where the cartilage between the ribs becomes inflamed. The pain of inflamed cartilage can be very sharp and hurt if you take a deep breath. Although it can be present on both sides, it is usually worse on one side.


Another possible cause of chest pain is shingles. Yes, shingles are not about to cause red rashes but can also cause severe pain that radiates around one side of the rib cage which just feels like heat pain. But a good dermatologist advice wills enough to solve the problem. Marham.pk is your guide to find and consult with the best dermatologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan.

Lung Issues:

Lung issues may also mimic heart attack symptoms. Fluid buildup in airways can cause chest pain and pressure, which causes people to think heart attack. To get the exact cause you can consult the best pulmonologist in Lahore or best cardiologist in Lahore, by log on to just one site Marham.pk.

Never take chest discomfort as the normal sign. If it is not due to a heart issue, other reasons are also not to be taken on a lighter note, so try to find their solution by consulting a relevant doctor.

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