5 Major Hazards Of Excessive Use of Social Media

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Where there are endless benefits of social media, there are hazards as well. Youth is badly addicted to this newness and technology. Surely even the youngest kid must have Instagram, Facebook, and Snap chat account. It is fact that social media has created much awareness and sharpness in youth. Moreover, people are getting interact with each other in an easier way but these benefits cannot help us to deny the disadvantages and hazards of social media apps.

Today let’s just take a look that how excessive use of social media is ruining the behaviors, sleep schedules and health of a young generation.


People are getting addicted to social media apps. Its attraction is very addictive. There is an endless swiping on these applications and one cannot simply switch it off at the proper time. Drugs addiction is not the only addiction now. This addiction is getting the same attention as drugs. If you are experiencing mental issues through these apps you must consult with a psychologist. 

Emotionally Weak

These apps are creating weaknesses among people. People are getting less tolerant and more aggressive these days. Food is not the only reason behind emotional weakness but technology can be equally blamed for it.

Inferiority Complex

Social applications are creating a sense of inferiority among people. We start comparing our life with others. We also compare the things that are not in our hands but in someone else life. This complex can also create hurdles. Even one can adopt serious crimes to cope up all these complex.


Jealousy is not the myth. Its real and many people are suffering from it on regular basis. Social media is creating more jealousy and complex. People are getting unhealthy and ruining their life by comparing it with others. They are less happy to see other happier.

Sleeping Issues

It is creating depression and sleeping issues. People do not want to leave the phone early and then face the issues with sleep. Sleep deprivation causes irritation in behavior and dullness in creativity. If you are experiencing mental issues through these apps you must consult with a psychologist. 

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