5 Major Symptoms of Cholesterol That Cannot Be Ignored

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Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the fats in your blood. High Cholesterol is very common these days. We are living in a generation where food is fast but humans are slow. This is one of the biggest reason for fat and other diseases in the body. When the body creates extra fats there are chances of the high level of cholesterol in the body. This diseases can lead towards so many other ailments including heart blockage, fatty liver, and respiratory diseases as well. Commonly, we do not have an idea of how long we are suffering from its disease.

To know this fact we must know the major symptoms of this and when to see a Dietitian. Here are some major symptoms of high Cholesterol which can be alarming.


Those who are highly obese and having difficulty in breathing as well need to get themselves check immediately. Moreover, they also need to lose weight before it gets too late. It may vary from person to person that how high is his cholesterol. Overweight also depends on height and age.

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It can increase this problem very fast. The smoke and tar produced from excessive smoking can fill in lungs and blood particles too. Thus it may cause cholesterol and heart diseases too. It may lower the level of HDL or in other words “good cholesterol”.

Junk and Fast Food

Junk food with full of carbohydrates can cause too. Poor eating habits also include biscuits, crackers, fried food, red meat, and bakery products.

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No exercise Routine

Exercise is not just important it’s a part of the good lifestyle. Exercise can help to convert food into energy and also helps in the good flow of blood. This is how it helps to make good fats and not just bad cholesterol. For more guidance, you can get a consultation from the best Nutritionists in Karachi.


Either diabetes type 1 or type 2 patients both can suffer from this at any stage of life. The Reason behind it is no insulin or shortage of insulin that helps in controlling blood sugar level.

High cholesterol must be control immediately because there are high-risk factors. These risk factors contain blood clotting, chest pain and much more. For more guidance, you can get a consultation from the best Nutritionists in Your Area.

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