5 Menaces of a Sedentary Lifestyle

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One fine pleasant Sunday, Ahmad was sleeping in his bed, enjoying the day off after a hectic work week. Growing old means a lot of responsibility and work. In his mid thirties Ahmad found himself being a workaholic having a challenging bank career with high level of stress and responsibility, increasing day by day. He was no more the athlete Ahmad was famous for his in his university. After working long hours for the entire week, his biggest fantasy was to spend his weekend in his bed.

This is the story of every other career Pakistani these days. In the era of industrialization, commercialization, mechanization, digitization and competition, sedentary lifestyle has became a norm. Once physically active generations have evolved into workaholics and long-sitters having little or no motivation for physical activities or outdoor sports. Even the definitions for entertainment and recreation have transitioned to leisure eating, going to cinemas and playing video games or watching television seasons. Thus the average Pakistani adult has an extremely sedentary lifestyle. No doubt such a lifestyle poses risks to an individual’s health that we never fathom having.

Obesity :

Someone has truly termed obesity as the mother of all illnesses. Not only do you loose your physical appeal, but you also get predisposed to a lot many diseases which make your quality of life poor if you get obese.


Studies show a high incidence of diabetes in people having a sedentary lifestyle. Even if diabetes is genetically programmed in you, you can delay its onset by a couple of years if you adopt an active lifestyle.

High blood pressure:

One of the most serious health risk due to a non-active lifestyle is developing high blood pressure, which in itself is a silent killer and predisposes you to many other serious health conditions.

Heart diseases:

Heart diseases are also on rising in the relatively younger population of the day. One risk factor is a sedentary lifestyle.

Psychiatric disturbances:

Such a lifestyle predisposes you to psychiatric abnormalities like anxiety, depression and mood disorders.
We have mentioned some of the problems which come as a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. So it is high time now, you break the vicious circle and get active and healthy! Stay tuned for more on this!
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