5 Myths About Depression That You Should Know

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Depression is spreading at an exponential rate and has become one of the most common ailments in our society. Pakistan is ranked 7th among the most depressed countries in the world and there are so many people silently fighting this battle.

In a society like ours, where depression is so very common, there are a number of myths that wobble around among people. This not only makes life tough for those who are going through that depressive period but also establishes a culture of misconception and unease in the society. There is a lack of proper knowledge we need to give people awareness.

Here are the five biggest myths about depression that we need to eradicate from our society.

Work Hard To Beat Depression:

Depression is a very common ailment and affects nearly one in six people at some point in their lives. Thus, many remedies and half-truths about this illness circulate around. In such a case, there is a very common myth around that you should throw yourself into work and you’ll feel better. In a very mild case, it might help but it in serious cases, overworking may actually lead to clinical depression, especially in men.

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It’s Not a Real Illness:

Depression is a medical condition and the most important thing to remember is that, unlike normal sadness, clinical depression is a disease that can affect anyone. It’s still confused with normal sadness while depression means that a person is facing a complete trauma for which he or she needs help. Studies have shown that nerve circuits in the brain areas that regulate mood start functioning abnormally in depression.

Depressed People Cry a Lot:

It’s a myth and sheer misconception that depressed people are the ones will who cry. Some people don’t cry or even act terribly sad when they’re depressed. Instead, they might be silently feeling emotionally “blank” and worthless or useless. As a result, untreated depression prevents people from living life with joy and takes a toll on families.

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Talking Makes Things Worse:

People were once advised not to “dwell on” problems by talking about them. Today, its evidence-based fact that guided discussion with a professional can make things much better. The most primary and first step is to talk to a mental health professional to treat depression. You can book an appointment with the best psychiatrist in Lahore or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

Depression Is Tough to Treat:

Depression is curable, just if you follow the right method. Those who take action to fight depression are always found to overcome it. 70% of people have been seen to become symptom-free through medications. Studies have found out that the best treatment a combination of medication and talk therapy. For treatment, you can book an appointment with the best psychiatrist in Islamabad or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

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