5 Possible Reasons Behind Gums Pain

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Many people ignore teeth care and end up in the worst situations. This practice is very common that we do not brush our teeth twice a day and take bed tea. This bed tea is more like poison for not only teeth but also for the stomach. Increasing num of tooth and gums pain can be treated even at home but it is very little awareness among people for mouth hygiene.

There are a number of reasons that can cause Gums pain and not only mouth hygiene activities. You can also book the best dentist in Lahore via Marham.pk


First and very common reason for gums pain. Intake of nicotine can damage the stomach which enhances the level acidity and causes severe pain. Tobacco can also cause oral cancer if used in an excess amount. Chewing tobacco in the form of Naswar is one of the most common habits in Pakistan. This also causing gums infection and pain.

Stomach Problems

If your stomach is not well it can also cause gums pain. Increase in stomach acidity directly absorbed by mouth thus increase pain. Healthy food is the only solution for good stomach condition. Even when you have acidity in the stomach you can suffer from pimples on the tongue as well. Find and consult with the Best Dentist In Islamabad via marham.pk.

gums pain reasons
gums pain reasons

Braces and Dental Treatments

If you are going through some dental treatment and visiting your doctor often. You can experience gums pain. Regular use of braces also causes pain. It is very important to clean braces regularly. This common practice also needs to get vanish.

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Brush in Hurry

When you brush in a hurry then it can cause cuts. Cuts are also the reason behind the pain. The most irritating situation is a pain due to cuts. Try to use the brush in slow and different directions. Also, make sure that Your brush is renewed after every 3 months. You can also book the best dentist in Karachi via Marham.pk

gums pain reasons
gums pain reasons

Hormonal Changes

In ladies, it can be happened due to hormonal changes. These changes can also cause Fever and stomach injection as well. These are very common when the menstruation period is delayed or changed. You can also book the best dentist in Pakistan via Marham.pk

Taking care of teeth is as important as any other organ. There must be proper consultancy for hygienic habits for everyone. In Pakistan, there are so many good dentists that can help in gums pain.

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