5 Possible Reasons of Feeling Tired and Breathless

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Do you feel depleted while strolling, climbing stairs and working out? Does your pulse hold strange pace while sweating out?

When you’re climbing up the stairs, the gravitational force is pulling you down. Your muscles have to work against the strong gravitational force to take you up. This contraction and expansion of muscle make you feel exhausted and tired. But if this seems irregular and unusual to you then there might be some other serious issues.

Let’s have a look at these 5 possible causes:

1-Unhealthy Lungs:

When you breathe in, the oxygen achieves your lungs and afterward conveyed to different parts of the body. This implies unhealthy lungs won’t work to their potential and henceforth, inconvenience emerges while breathing.


Asthma patients discover trouble breathing in oxygen because of swelling in the airways. Indeed, even because of contamination and pneumonia, breathing turns into a bulky procedure. For any lungs-health related problems, marham.pk can facilitate you to find and book an appointment with the top best pulmonologist in Islamabad, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan.

2- High Blood Pressure:

Those affected by high blood pressure may observe fatigue while walking quick or climbing stairs. Such individuals are inclined to a heart attack as their heart muscles don’t work legitimately. This discourages the required measure of oxygen from achieving the coveted body parts. Find and consult the best cardiologists in Karachi, best cardiologists in Islamabad or any other main city of Pakistan via Marham.pk and keep your heart healthy.

3- Stress:

Stress and pressure likewise cause inconvenience in breathing and different sorts of disorders. Whenever you’re stressed, your breathing rhythm will increase and eventually become the reason for the imbalance in your breathing cycle.


4- Obesity:

Obesity is the central reason for some infirmities. Individuals experiencing this issue are most inclined to diabetes, thyroid, and joint inflammation to give some examples. A fat individual gets easily exhausted simply walking a few of meters.

5- Lung Cancer:

Individual experiencing lung cancer faces breathing inconveniences. Additionally, iron deficiency, thyroid, and low circulatory strain likewise cause this inconvenience.

When it comes to your health, never take anything for granted. You must take care of yourself and for that, you must know what’s happening to your body and why. Consult with a doctor if you notice anything wrong with your body.

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