5 Things your Ears Tell About your Health

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Each part of the body is at an appropriate location to perform its function. One important part of human body is ears which function as the hearing instrument. But these hearing devices also provides a plethora of clues about the health issues. So closely listen these hearing devices to get to know about yourself and your health status.

Here are few indications that your ears may show indicating something is wrong somewhere. Have a look:

Structure of Ear Crease:

A diagonal earlobe crease is considered as a potential indicator of coronary artery disease. To find and consult a heart specialist for this disease log on to Marham. You can easily find and book an appointment online with a heart specialist in Lahore and also with heart specialist in Karachi. Researchers believe that visible changes of tiny blood vessels of the ear may predict similar changes in the blood vessels of the heart which are not visible. Earlobe creases may also be an indication of Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome: the overgrowth syndrome.

The Color of the Ears:

Sudden anger can flare up your ears but red fleshed ears without bad mood are an indication of adrenal gland malfunctioning. The abnormality of this gland is associated with increased/decreased blood pressure, weight gain/loss and kidney failure. Red colored ears may also an indication of rare occurring disorder named red ear syndrome. If your ears are of very pale color than do not ignore it as it may be an indication o the low level of vitamins and calcium in your body.

Ear Wax:

The waxy ear secretion is termed as ear wax which is the common cause of ear clogging if not removed properly. The increased ear wax may be the indication of the underlying ear infection. And if you are observing the wet earwax than it may be an alarming sign of breast cancer, the recent research done on 300 humans reported. It is not correct in all cases but in some patients both parameters found highly related.

Ringing Ears:

No doubt that ear is hearing instrument and receives various sounds from surroundings. But if these sounds start coming from inside the ear it is really an alarming situation. If you are experiencing persistent ringing, whistling, buzzing, chirping or even shrieking noise in the ears it is due to the condition named as tinnitus. Consult with an audiologist to address your hearing issues. To find an audiologist in Lahore log on to Marham.

Short-lived ringing ears may be due to attending a high volume music concert but if it not go away in one or two days take it seriously as this may lead to deafness or more serious health issue.

Small Ears:

A small ear is an attractive apparent feature but it lost its beauty when researchers narrated that it may make the person prone to eczema and kidney disease. To consult for kidney problems find a nephrologist in Karachi. Recent studies revealed that small ears have small ear canals which make them prone to ear eczema. Small ear structure is also linked with underdeveloped kidneys which may cause problem on and off during the normal run of life. Researchers do not know the reason of it but these parameters found are associated with each other.

An Interesting Fact About Structure of Earlobe:

Do you have attached earlobes?

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According to a scientific research if you have attached earlobes than you have inherited a recessive set of genes while free earlobes represent you got a dominant pair of genes from your parents.

Take the Message:

Remember to keep a strict eye on your normal ear structure and its changing conditions to get the knowledge about your ultimate state of health.

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