5 Reasons and Remedies For Dry And Dark Lips

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A lot of people are upset about not so good looking lips. Dryness and dark coloration of lips is really bothersome. Lips are a sensitive facial feature and they tend to get affected by external and internal factors easily. here we are going to tell you why lips get dark and pigmented and what you can do to fix these issues.

Why Lips Get Dry and Pigmented?

Lips do not contain any glands that can moisturize them, therefore, their outlook is a lot dependant on how you care for these. Also, some disease conditions and deficiencies can also mark themselves in the form of not so good looking lips. To rule out the disease causes of lip discoloration you should see a general physician. Lips can get dry and dark due to:

  • Dehydration.
  • Smoking.
  • Excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Poor nutrition and intense weather conditions also tend to affect lips color and appearance. To get a good diet plan for fighting malnutrition you can book an appointment with the best nutritionist using marham.pk.


How To Fix Dry and Dark Lips?

Luckily there is a number of natural ingredients and remedies that can help us to get rid of dry and dark lips. Here we are mentioning some of the best remedies that can work wonders for dry and dark lips.


This humble vegetable has magical effects for improvement of lips texture and colour. Just chop and blend a cucumber and strain its juice. Apply this daily and you will be amazed by results within a week or two.


This delicious natural syrup has wonderful ingredients that can help to lighten lip colour, heal sunburns and moisturize giving them a lustrous look. You can use honey in a variety of combinations. Apply it in conjunction with lemon juice or use it as a scrub by adding sugar.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil has many promising benefits for heart health and skin. This is also very effective for improving the appearance of lips. You can prepare a scrub and a moisturizer as well. Add to sugar a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and use it as a scrub. for moisturization, you can use olive oil in combination with rose water and glycerin.


Lemon makes for one of the most effective remedies for attaining pleasantly hued lips. It is used in several combinations for this purpose.


Here are a few to mention:

  1. Lemon + Sugar crystals: Helps to remove dry dead skin and bleaching properties of lemon lighten dark coloration.
  2. Lemon + Honey + Glycerin:  Moisturizes dry lips. Lightens the tan. Use it overnight.
  3. Lemon + Castor oil: Lightens pigmented lips and forms a protective layer over lips.
  4.  Yogurt + Lemon: Lactic acid and citric acid together act to counter dryness and discoloration.
  5. Lemon + Turmeric: This combination has strong antimicrobial skin lightening properties.

Try these easy and organic remedies for improving your looks. Most of these ingredients are present right in your kitchen. So, why wait. Just get up and try one of these. Do not forget to share these tips with your friends.

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