5 Reasons Why You Are Having A Chest Pain

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According to a study called analysis of emergency department surveillance, it is deduced that around 20,000 people of Pakistan had the problem of chest pain. From which around 60% were male, and 40% were female. You will find these reasons of chest pain in your ordinary life. Hence, it is better to know them before.

These reasons are as follows;

1. Heartburn (a very common cause of chest pain)



Heartburn is experienced by most of the people around us. It is the burning feeling in your chest, and every chest pain doesn’t necessarily mean heart attack. It is due to the acid of the stomach jumps backward. Hence, so the fluid from the stomach flows backward which causes the burning feeling in the heart.

2. Anxiety or panic disorder



These attacks are sudden and can be triggered at any moment. It is an overwhelming feeling of fear and suffocation. It may seem like a heart attack, but it is a severe form of panic attack. Keep yourself calm and happy to avoid such problems. Anxiety and panic disorder is one of the common reasons of chest pain which people tend to ignore.

3. Angina


It is not necessary to feel chest pain in angina, but if it is due to coronary artery spasm, then you can feel it in the chest. Any chest pain should be taken very seriously. It is one of the common cause of chest pain. There are a lot of cases of angina.

4. Pneumonia, Asthma, and Bronchitis


Pneumonia, Asthma, and Bronchitis
In asthma, the airways get constricted and inflamed. Due to this, the patient can feel pain in the chest. At this point, the patient should be rushed to the hospital.
In Pneumonia, the lung tissues get infected and also causes inflammation. Then due to coughing excessively, the patient feels severe pain in the chest.
In Bronchitis, the mucus gets clustered and blocks the airways. Then due to the inflammation, the patient feels pain in their chest.

5. Heart Attack (Myocardial Infraction)


Heart Attack
Due to the lack of blood supply to the heart, a portion of heart’s muscle dies. Due to which the patient feels severe pain in this heart and should be rushed to the doctor instantly.

If you feel continuous pain or any heart-related issue, You should consult your nearest cardiologist in your city.

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