5 Reasons Of Polluted And Unhygienic Water In Karachi

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In Pakistan, we face different types of pollution but water pollution is one of the major threats to public health in Pakistan as it ranks at number 80 among 122 nations regarding drinking water quality. Usually, most of the cities are facing this problem but Pakistan’s largest city Karachi is facing this problem on a large scale. It is the most populated city of Pakistan and its 16 million people’s reliance and survival is in great danger. The general public is compelled to drink unhygienic and polluted water. Different waterborne diseases are causing the alarming situation and are responsible for extensive human and economic losses. To find and consult with the best general physician in Karachi, you can visit Marham.pk.

There are different factors that are contributing to making Karachi’s water polluted and unhygienic. Here are top 5 reasons:

1.Litter Thrown Out By People:

Karachi is the most populated city of Pakistan and different types of people are living in here. Before authorities, it is the responsibility of every citizen to make their city clean and garbage free. But sadly people are extremely careless regarding this matter. They don’t mind throwing litter out on roads and drains. However, litter that is thrown out by humans often finds its way into water sources. This makes water polluted and unhygienic and every citizen is responsible for this. People always complain about polluted water but they don’t bother to change themselves.

polluted water in Karachi
polluted water in Karachi


Factories are also one of the leading causes of water pollution in Karachi. Everywhere in the world where factories are present, waste products from factories can easily enter water supplies. These waste products can enter through the water surface or ground surface, it depends on the location. There are many factories in Karachi and most of them are located near residential areas which are severely affecting the quality of water. If you want an online consultation with the best general physician in Islamabad then visit Marham.pk.

polluted water in Karachi
polluted water in Karachi

3.Illegal Dumping:

It is a very common practice in Karachi where individuals and even companies dump waste and garbage illegally into water supplies. Sometimes they dump garbage near areas that could cause contamination in water sources. And as we all know garbage and other types of waste contain chemicals that cause water pollution.

4.Animal Waste:

It has been reported that many stray dogs are present in Karachi. It is a problem because stray dogs can harm people and animal waste can also make water polluted and unhygienic. There are some areas where humans are not present at all but animal waste is likely to come into contact with water sources and cause pollution. Presence of animal waste in water significantly increases the growth of bacteria and cause different diseases.

5.Poor Sewerage:

Karachi’s sewerage system is not up to the mark. This poor sewerage system is also making water polluted, contaminated, and unhygienic. The silence of concern authorities is making the situation worsen and alarming. If you want to book an online appointment with the best general physician in Lahore then visit Marham.pk.

Water is a valuable source on our planet and we can’t live without water. At least you can play your part by trying your best to make water safe and clean. Moreover, the government should also improve the environmental policies. It is a right of the residents of Karachi to get clean and hygienic water.

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