5 Reasons Why Smoking Is the Worst Habit Not a Fashion

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Every one of us is well-aware of the fact that smoking is hazardous to health. But try to convince a chain smoker who wouldn’t trade their cigarettes for their life literally. However, for the few of you out of these trying to kick the cigarette but are more than welcome to read on to know why smoking is the worst habit. Some of the youngsters even start it off just as a fashion and later find themselves in the darkest pit with no escape. Let these reasons be the motivation for you to quit this worst habit.

Bad Breath

When you smoke you are bound to have a stench about yourself that keeps coming from your hands, hair and even clothes not to mention the bad smoker’s breath. In other words, you reek of nicotine which doesn’t seem to go away easily without you having a fresh load of mints, gums or mouth freshener sprays. If you have kids or parents who hate your nicotine breath, then you would be well aware of the fact that how hard it can be to mask it. If you can’t seem to quit and need help then consult and find a doctor near you who would assist you with your process.

Darkened Gums

Another side effect of nicotine is that it increases melanin production which results in the unpleasant darkening of your lips as well as gums. It starts off with a bluish purple discoloration of the gums and lips which gradually turns into chocolate brown. Smokers are also prone to gum diseases due to the reduced blood supply to then. It happens due to the constricting effect that smoking has on blood vessels.

Stained Teeth

Yet another reason of smoking is the worst habit that it leaves the teeth stained. These stains start at the back and inside of the teeth and gradually grow to the front depending upon the intensity and frequency of the habit. It is extremely difficult to maintain oral hygiene while smoking. You would have to have a quarterly cleanup scheduled while maintaining exceptional oral hygiene in order to avoid the stain build up.

Increased Risk of heart attack and stroke

A research by Center for Disease Control has shown that smokers are two to four times more prone to suffer from heart stroke as compared to the non-smokers. If you smoke then it is better that you book an appointment with best pulmonologist/lungs specialist in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad or any other main city of Pakistan for a complete analysis of your lungs and heart. This is due to the fact that the chemicals present in cigarettes affect the composition of blood making it thicker and easier to clot. Moreover, it also causes the constriction of blood vessels leading to the formation of plaque and increased blood pressure. As a consequence, chances of suffering from heart attack and cardiovascular diseases increase. You can read more about the different lung diseases and how smoking contributes to the overall statistics here.

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Increased risk of cancer

While you can ignore the small problems like bad breath, stained teeth and darkened lips as they are treatable or have one solution or the other. But what would you do with the potential risk of developing a fatal disease like Cancer just because you wouldn’t quit smoking? It is important for you to understand that smoking doesn’t produce cancer overnight rather it starts off with minor changes in the mouth which are of precancerous nature. These changes may include patches, lesions or outgrowths. Keeping a check can help you catch it at an earlier stage but doesn’t help cure it anyway.

Keeping in view the reasons why smoking is the worst habit to have and not a fashion, the ideal course of action would be to quit smoking and become responsible for yourself as well as the environment. Not only can you prevent the unaesthetic changes in your smile but also save yourself from deadly and fatal diseases.

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