5 Reasons To Avoid Drinking From Your Tap Directly

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You may think that the water coming in your taps is clean enough to drink directly, but it’s actually NOT! It may seem clean enough, but there are invisible dangers lurking in it. Unfiltered tap water can become a significant source of many types of cancers, skin infections, bone diseases, and organ failure. It’s best to plant a portable filter or boil water before drinking. Domestic filtration or boiling reduces these health risks a lot.

Unfiltered water is widely known to cause liver problems due to the presence of heavy metals in it. These five reasons will compel you to purify your tap water before you drink it.

1. Source Of Cancer

The presence of high amounts of fluoride, arsenic, and radioactive elements in the water acts as a major source of cancer. An excessive amount of fluoride triggers the formation of tumors and also aids their growth. Arsenic is widely known for its cancer-causing properties. Radon, a radioactive gas found in poorly-treated water, is a major cause of lung cancer.

2. Neuromuscular Damage

Due to a poor water-treatment facility in Pakistan, the water supplied for domestic use still has many contaminants in it. One of them is lead. Lead is extremely toxic to us. It specifically damages the nervous system causing learning difficulties, cognitive decline, and low IQ. It is also known to cause growth retardation in youngsters. Contact the best neurologists in Karachi for any neuromuscular damage.

3. Skin And Eye Problems

Chlorine is added to water for purification. It kills the dangerous pathogens (disease-causing agents) in water. However, it has many adverse health effects. Chlorinated water causes premature skin aging, eye and skin irritation, dry cough, and sore throat. It is also a source of certain types of cancer.

4. Liver And Kidney Damage

Tap water is not properly treated. So chances of having bromates in it are a lot higher. They are compounds that overall damage liver and kidney. They are also known to cause renal (kidney) and thyroid tumors.

5. Weakening Of Bones

Presence of contaminants like fluoride and heavy metals in ill-treated tap water causes bone damage. Fluoride damages the tooth enamel and also weakens bones. This makes people more prone to fractures and bone diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.

Tap water contains a lot of contaminants that are not visible to you. Taking extra measures to make your drinking water clean can keep a lot of serious health problems at bay.

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