5 Reasons To Quit Binge-Watching On This World Youth Day.

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Are you getting excited for the next season of “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Game of Thrones” and SUITS? Congratulations, your life is trapped. When there are a lot of benefits of binge-watching. There are also endless disadvantages to it. Not familiar with the word “Binge-Watching”? It is more like an addiction that a person is watching more than 6 episodes of the season in just one sitting.

Researcher says that there is no such benefit for binge-watching because it can harm health. Unfortunately, our youth is badly addicted to this habit. On this world health day let’s have a look that how binge-watching is extremely harmful to youth. Let’s make a big difference.

Injurious to Eyesight

No matter whatever the precautions you are taking. Binge watching is not a good thing for your eyes. You can lose your good eyesight and can better vision. It’s even worse when you lose it at a young age. It is enough to watch one or two episode per day. If you are not keeping it on ease you will end up visiting Eye specialist soon.


This is more like an addiction in no time.  It is just like a gaming addiction. You can spend the whole day and night on watching. This can harm your health and family relations too. No family can bear that you are not giving them proper time and space.


You can get addicted to isolation. It’s more like getting introvert. Binge-watching is another name of isolation and quitting social circle. They can spend the whole day in their room and won’t talk a word. Quitting world and being isolated means counseling from a psychologist in near future.

Time waste

Binge watching is a waste of time. This habit and addiction would waste your time and you will have less interest in other activities especially studies. Obviously when you are spending 7 to 8 hours on 7 episodes then you will get tired and ultimately you won’t take interest in any other task.

Increase risk of Blood clotting.

This habit is a direct stress on the brain which can lead to blood clotting very quickly. It lowers the blood flow which is the root cause of blood clotting.
Accept entertainment there is no such benefit of binge watching. Quit this habit right away if you really want a healthy life.

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