5 Safe and Healthy Ways to Detox your Body

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Detoxification is an old concept that has been applied by Chinese since ages and nowadays it’s once again getting the hype.

Detoxification basically means “Cleansing of blood” by nourishing the body from inside out.

One can detox his/her body by eating healthy, adopting a healthy lifestyle and most importantly maintaining the nutritious diet that doesn’t include any form of junk food.

Unlike other diets, when a person wants to detoxify his/her body there is no choice for Cheat meals. The liver is the main organ that eliminates toxins and impurities from our blood so scientifically speaking; detoxification is done to remove impurities from the blood present in the liver. To combat liver dysfunctioning book an appointment with the best hepatologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan via Marham.pk.


How to Detoxify your Body?

There are quite a lot of methods to detoxify. Some of these are mentioned below:


It helps organs to take a rest of few hours, allowing organs to flush out toxins accumulated in the body.

Detox Diet:

A diet rich in fiber and water content helps a body cleanse its organs such as kidneys and intestines. To manage and keep your kidneys healthy visit a nephrologist at least twice a year. You can find and consult with the best nephrologist in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

Detox Water:

Detox water is usually made with ingredients that help the body get rid of water retention. Detox water is made when fruits or vegetables are infused in water overnight and then consumed throughout the next day. It helps in cleansing of the liver.

Healthy Nutrients:

Just take a nutrients rich diet, completely avoiding the intake of junk food.


Meditation or Yoga helps the organs to relax and improves the blood circulation thus cleansing the body. Also, do breathing exercises to increase the flow of blood in the body.

The above-mentioned techniques are useful in helping the body to detox. In order to cleanse a body, a person should know about those healthy foods that detox our body naturally. Some of them are mentioned below:

Foods that Detox our Body:

Some natural ingredients including fruits and vegetables have great ability to cleanse our body. Take a look at a few of these here:


They are packed with Fiber and antioxidants. Grab it to cleanse your blood.

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They are rich in water content, infuse it with water and drink it to cleanse your organs.


Beetroot is rich in minerals and vitamins. It directly purifies the blood and cleanses the liver.



Carrots cleanse our immune system, making it effective to digest food easily.

Citric Fruits:

Oranges and Lemons do wonders, they convert toxins into water-soluble so that organs excrete the toxins easily. It flushes out the waste from our body.


Either make a ginger tea or toss them in detox water, ginger boosts up our metabolism helping the liver to excrete the waste out of the body.

Try out all the superfoods to get rid of toxins and it is always better to get an expert opinion on that find out about the best nutritionist in your city via Marham.pk.

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