5 Shocking Causes of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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People of all ages and walks of life can be caught in the cycle of obsession and compulsion. Any strong feeling of fear, disgust, doubt, or feeling that things have to be done in a way that is just right are not normal but the signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder. And it is caused by a number of shocking factors.

parental behaviour

Parental Behavior:

Helicopter parents tend to be overprotective and this protective shield increase vulnerability for OCD in their children. Researchers revealed that having a lot of unnecessary care when you were young or having very rigid rules forced upon you can predispose you to OCD. It’s a worthy advice for all parents that be calm and neutral to save your child from any mental problem. You can find and consult with the best psychologist in Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan to deal better with these mental disorders.

Sleeping Habits:

Lack of sleep makes everything worse and obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms are no exception.

sleep pattern and health

Your bedtime and the number of hours that you sleep predicts your ability to control obsessive thoughts. People who sleep less than the recommended eight hours a night may be more likely to suffer from repetitive thoughts and actions of cleaning.

Throat Infection:

You think it is out of chance? But it is quite possible. It occurs when the body’s immune system misfires in response to strep-infection and targets the brain. In result, OCD is one of the possible outcomes. If after taking antibiotic you become habitual of washing hands, again and again, get help. Log on to Marham.pk to consult the Best psychologist in Islamabad, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan.

OCD symtoms

Fear of Guilt:

Intense fear of guilt may drive OCD, according to recent research. People with OCD may perceive guilt to be more threatening than others, leading them to find it intolerable. Any thought or impulse inspired by some guilt may be met with extreme anxiety and compulsive behaviours.

Birth Circumstances:

Some birth conditions and maternal behaviours are also linked with OCD. These include:

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  • If the mother is habitual of cigarettes
  • Delivery was via C-section
  • Born preterm or breech or unusually large or small babies may be at higher risk for developing OCD. While it is still too early to say how these factors cause OCD, but these factors are strongly associated with OCD development as 1700 people were found a victim of this abnormal behaviour due to these birth circumstances, according to a recent study.

Don’t dislike or avoid people suffering from some mental abnormality, they are already suffering and need your help. Lend them a hand to get back towards normal life.

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