5 Signs of Health Problems Shown By Your Tongue

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Your oral cavity holds several clues to your overall health. From teeth and gums to tongue there are several signs that if read can be helpful. Your tongue changes its appearance in response to age, medicines, health problems and even mental stress. here we are giving you some information about the signs of health shown by your tongue. What is normal and when to see a doctor or a dentist.

White Patches on Tongue:

If you see white patches on your tongue it can be due to fungus. Some medicines can also disrupt the balance of bacteria and fungus in mouth leading to these symptoms.  If you see hard white patches which cannot be rubbed off it is leukoplakia. Inform your doctor as this is linked to cancer.

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Hairy Tongue:

Sometimes protein structures form elongated strands and look like fur or hairs. These are easily removable using a brush or when scrapped. If you see white hairy patches that cannot be removed it is oral hairy leukoplakia. See your doctor and get a proper evaluation right away.

Black Coloured Tongue:

If you are taking medicines containing bismuth your tongue can turn black. This goes away after you stop taking that medicine. A hairy tongue can also appear black.

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Vitamin B3 Deficiency:

If you have a bright red color and it appears smooth as well accompanied with oral pain it is a symptom of vitamin B3 deficiency. Red color is also a symptom of scarlet fever.

Burning Mouth Syndrome:

If you feel you have burnt tongue or a metallic taste in your mouth for no reason you might be suffering from burning mouth syndrome. This results due to damaged nerves. Some diseases like diabetes, certain infections, xerostomia and GERD can also be the culprit behind this sensation.

Do you feel like you know your tongue far better after reading this? We surely do! For more health-related information and updates stay tuned to Marham-Your home for health services.

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