5 Simple Tips That Can Help You To Eat Less

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We all wish we could eat less and maintain or lose weight but it is tough. Food is delicious, there are parties and birthdays every other weekend and we end up eating far more than we should. Eating less and healthily seems impossible. This on regular basis can lead to many health hazards like obesity, diabetes and heart problems. To ease this ordeal we are sharing some really helpful tips and strategies as well. Practicing these you can train yourself to eat less and in a healthy way.

Healthy Options First:

Where ever you are eating at home or at a buffet always mindfully choose to eat healthy options like whole grains and vegetables first. Research says that diners feed most on foods they see at first. So fill your plate with salads and grilled vegetables and after that go towards fatty and fried meat options.

Colour of your Crockery:

The colour of your plates and bowls you use affects how much you eat. The more your food blends in with crockery the more you will eat. So choose the colour of your crockery thoughtfully. A blue coloured dish and bowel set will help you eat less.


Size of Your Plate:

Eating less is more about training your brain. Size of your plate gives signals to your brain about how much to eat. Use of smaller dinner plates will help you eat less. A research was conducted on this and it came out that people who used larger plates ate more than those with smaller ones. You can eat as much as 45% less than others using this strategy.


Resist Cravings:

There was a meme rounding internet where an obese person was saying he overeats because sometimes he likes to eat instead of facing his problems. This is all of us sometimes. We eat because we are feeling bored, tense, lonely or happy. Whenever you have an unhealthy craving resist it by diverting your attention. Do something else for 5-10 minutes and the urge will dampen to some extent hopefully.

Eating disorders need proper consultation with a psychiatrist. Get these addressed before it is too late.

Keep Unhealthy Stuff Hidden:

Location of eatables in your fridge and kitchen is important. Try to place healthy options at eye level in the fridge. This way you are less likely to grab unhealthy stuff. In kitchen keep candies and chips farther and place nut prominently.

Following these simple tips, you can manage to eat less and stay healthy. Share this information and motivate your friends to eat less and stay fit.

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