5 Small Nuts to Protect your Heart Health

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Nuts are a hot favorite across the world especially during winters, Here we have a reason why you should be indulging in this treat every now and then around the year.

These are natural guards of your heart health. Nuts are natural reservoirs of nutrients, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E, plant sterols and beneficial amino acids like arginine. All these ingredients greatly protect your heart health and reduce the risk of deadly heart and arteries problem. If you are suffering from any heart-related issues don’t forget to book an appointment with a heart specialist. To find a heart specialist in Lahore log on to Marham.

Here are some nuts listed with their contribution to maintaining heart health. Have a deep look at it and eat them regularly if you are not allergic to them.

Almonds to Control Cholesterol Level:

Almonds are such a great enemy of cholesterol that adding these little nuts in your diet eliminates extra cholesterol from your body and reduce the risk of cholesterol deposition in the arteries. So arteries are clear, blood flow smoothly and your heart works happily.

Pistachios to Control Blood Pressure:

These special nuts maintain the regular flow of blood in the arteries and inhibit the extra pressure of blood even in the stressed conditions. When blood pressure resides in the normal range your heart works correctly at normal blood pressure and no extra effort on the account of heart muscles is required.

If you are facing troubles with your blood pressure its best to book an appointment with your family physician. If you want to find a family physician in Rawalpindi or any other main city of Pakistan Marham can help you out.

Walnuts to Keep the Arteries Clear:

This tasty nut is a special one to keep your arteries clean enough to make it sure that your blood circulation is appropriate. Walnuts reduce the fats and cholesterol level and inhibit the blood to clot inside the arteries. In result, blood flows in a smooth pattern which keeps the heart healthy.

Cashews to Make the Arteries Strong:

This kidney-shaped nut is enriched with arginine and vitamin E. due to these ingredients it keeps the arteries strong enough to bear the stress of blood pressure. In addition to this, cashews also inhibit blood clot formation in blood vessels and normalize heartbeat.

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Peanuts to Keep the Heart Muscles Working:

The most liked and cheap nut of the family is the good friend of your heart muscles. Peanuts keep the heart muscles elastic and in best working condition even at the older age.

If anyone in your family has heart health issues book an appointment with a heart specialist right away. To book an appointment with a heart specialist in Islamabad or any other main city of Pakistan visit Marham.

Take the Message:

Add these nuts to your diet in this winter to keep your heart healthy. But use them in the moderate amount a high consumption is not recommended.

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