5 Super Scary Reasons Why You Should Stop Popping Your Pimples

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People are normally willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of pimples. They apply creams, gels and try different remedies to remove pimples. But the easiest way that we think will do wonders is popping. We all know that picking our faces and popping pimples is awful for our skin. Picking your pimples does far more awful things to our skin than it does well. In any case, realizing that usually doesn’t prevent us from doing this. We couldn’t resist the urge to pop our pimples. But if I tell you some super scary reasons then I’m sure you will stop popping your pimples right now. Before you know the reasons, visit Marham.pk and book an online appointment with the best dermatologist in Karachi.

So, are you ready to know 5 super scary reasons? Yes? Let’s see.

1. You’re Not Allowing Your Body To Heal Itself:

Skin break out is your body’s reaction to blocked pores and microbes. That pimple means your body is making a move and trying to heal. If you consider pimples as an area of skin where your body is attempting to heal itself, it will resist your urge of popping.

Picking pimple is dangerous
Picking pimple is dangerous

2. You’re Making Your Pimples Worse:

You pop your pimples because you hate it and want it to remove quickly. But you know what, instead of making progress, you might just end up forcing the bacteria and oil down into the skin. Plus, by pressing the pimple, you are transferring more bacteria and dirt from your finger into the spot. That can cause a pimple to become larger, redder, infected, and swollen. To find and consult with the best dermatologist in Lahore, visit marham.pk.

3. You Might Cause Scar:

Popping your pimples can result in serious scarring. This will most likely never go away without taking extreme treatments like laser, microderm, or chemical peel. That’s true these scars are difficult to treat.

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4. You’ll Tear Your Skin:

When you pop a pimple, you are forcefully pushing the bacteria and oil to come out of the bump. And by doing this, you’re actually tearing your skin. In such cases, you must have professional help with the best skin specialist in Lahore, so visit marham.pk to book your slot.

5. Popping Can Cause Discoloration:

In addition to scarring, your skin can really change hues around your skin inflammation. It’s called Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation. PIH isn’t a scar, but instead, a flat area that is somewhat darker than the skin around it. The more inflamed a pimple, the more probable you are to create PIH. Fortunately, the discoloration goes back to normal after some time, yet it can take up to two years.

Picking pimple is dangerous
Picking pimple is dangerous

Next time you want to pop your pimple, recall these reasons. You will instantly stop yourself from doing this. Natural processes take time but let it be natural. Later or sooner, you are going to say goodbye to your pimples.

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