5 Things That Can Make Your Head Spin

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There are numerous reasons that can lead you to dizziness and make your head spin. Balance disorder and its types often cause wooziness and a feeling of spin in your brain. But apart from some medical reasons, likewise there is some other stuff that can actually make your head spin.

Spinning Spiral Optical Illusion:

When you first look at some spinning spiral optical illusion, you may think that someone is trying to hypnotize you. Spinning spiral optical illusion can easily make your head spin and might give you a minor headache.


Spiral Ribbons:

Spiral ribbons are often used for decoration. You can see them in birthday parties or in a stationery shop. If you stare at them for too long, it can make your head spin. If you suffer from serious symptoms of head-spinning you might be affected by some disease. Book an appointment with the best general physician in Islamabad, a best general physician in Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk and get your health evaluated right away.


You may have seen the maze if you ever went to a circus or fair. Some parks have maze too. It’s fun to get into a maze but you may come out with a spinning head for sure.


Spiral Staircases:

Spiral staircases can also make your head spin. You may find these spiral staircases in houses, restaurants, and offices. They do look beautiful but can give you a mind-boggling experience.


Many rides such as roller coaster, merry go round, free-fall and top-spin can make your head spin more than anything. You can’t even walk for a few seconds whenever you take off from any of these rides.

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