5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bariatric Surgery

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With the advancement of technology, everything about humans may have seemed to become manageable. Nowadays, it has become a very common trend to use these technological benefits to modify appearances, either due to a health risk or for self-satisfaction. One of the most frequently performed procedure is weight-loss surgery (bariatric surgery).

If you are planning to undergo weight-loss surgery then your doctor is going to give you plenty of pre- and post-op advice so that you can be mentally prepared for your big change. Be sure to select the best bariatric surgeon in Lahore, Karachi,  or any other main city of Pakistan.

Here are five important things that you should know before you decide for a weight-loss surgical procedure:

1. You may Become Depressed after the Operation:

It’s not a compulsion for every patient to undergo depression post-surgery. While most patients feel an overall improvement after the surgery, about 13% of the patients experience worsening of Beck Depression Inventory – a numerical rating that measures eating disorder behavior, self-esteem, and social functioning – 6 to 12 months after bariatric surgery.

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2. You can Still Gain Weight even After Bariatric Surgery:

Bariatric surgery is a treatment for obesity, not a cure. You can gain weight after the operation if you are not careful with the diet, exercise, and nutrition guidelines from your doctor.

There’s a possibility for your ‘shrunken’ stomach to expand over time. Majority of the patients lose most of their weight in the first 12-18 months. It’s going to take constant effort to retain the results of the surgery.

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3. You’ll have to bear Dumping Syndrome:

When undigested food from the stomach rapidly enters the bowel (that has been modified to store less), it is then rushed or dumped with a lot of fluid. This is known as dumping syndrome. If simply put, you’re going to poop a lot more.

Dumping syndrome usually occurs due to poor diet choices like refined sugars, fried foods, and some fats or dairy products. It can induce mild-to-severe symptoms like dizziness, sweating, nausea, cramps, and audible bowel sounds. Other experienced symptoms also include loose motions, constipation, and embarrassing gas (malodorous flatus).

Dumping syndrome may not affect all the patients but it is still very common.

4. You may Require a Cosmetic Surgery for all that Loose Skin around your Abdomen:

Although weight loss following the procedure is slow enough for your body and skin to adjust, many people who were extremely obese before the operation are left with such an excess amount of loose skin that they need a cosmetic surgery as a fix.

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5. You’ll have to Watch out your Water and Dietary Intake:

Because of the alteration to your stomach to accommodate less, you’ll have to be careful of what you eat. You’ll have to manage the right amount of nutrients with your fewer meal quantities. It means you’ll need to have a lot more protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals in your diet. This can be achieved by following a healthy diet plan. To have a customized diet plan book an appointment or an online consultation with the best dietician in Karachi, Lahore or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

Also, you’ll need to drink lots of water for smooth digestion.

Bariatric surgery does have a lot of benefits but it should be reminded that it is an operational procedure with a set of guidelines to follow. If you want to keep those amazing results constant you need to work on it constantly. After all, it’s science, not magic.

Bariatric surgery in Pakistan is being performed at top standards and there’s hope for those who’re suffering from obesity. You can Find the best Doctors For Bariatric Surgery In Pakistan at marham.pk.

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