5 Tips to Curb Internet Addiction

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Unnecessary internet surfing, scrolling down news feed most of the time and checking on and off different socializing media are indications of your internet addiction. It is not a good habit at all as it disrupts your focus and is totally an unhealthy practice. Everyone knows its ill effects but leaving this bad habit is not less than a war. Following tactics can help you to win this battle.

Schedule the time:

The first step is most important and tough among all. You have to make a time schedule for internet usage and have to follow it strictly. During rest of the time never log on to any social application without extreme urgency.

Turn off the Wi-Fi:

Keep your internet connection off whether it is Wi-Fi or mobile data. Otherwise, you will keep receiving notification and you will check the application and the next many minutes will be not yours.

Turn off the Wi-Fi

Disable Unnecessary Notifications:

All social applications keep sending you notifications and you become habitual of checking them. Disable notification sending service. The people who urgently want to connect you can do it through your phone so do this harsh step to save your time.

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Block Unnecessary Websites:

Most of your daytime is consumed by many video gaming websites which are not good as it not only wastage of time but your brain and eye health are also at the stake. In case of any eye problem, you can visit Marham.pk where you can find best eye specialist in Karachi, where eye problems are really high due to environmental pollution.

Internet Addiction

Make Connection through Phone:

Never use any social application as your default way to connect people. It is quite cheap but it is a way to make you addictive. To avoid this thing as much as you can. Use your phone as the default mode of connection. In your internet timings, you can connect through social application too but don’t make it a habit.

  • The Internet is to serve you not to grasp you. Be a sage, rule on it and don’t allow it to rule you.

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