5 Tips Which Helps in Body Whitening

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There are a number of myths related to fair skin tone and in the current social context, fair skin tone is not just associated to women’s beauty but also projects women’s marital prospects, social status, jobs prospects and earning potential.

Most women and now men as well go through a dilemma how ugly they look based on what the media portrays as beautiful, which is why they opt to go through different treatments and products which may help them achieve the purpose. Skin care products with whitening and lightening function have been introduced to the Asian market over the past decades and it recorded as the best-selling product categories in the Asian beauty industry. Therefore we have compiled 5 tips which may help in body whitening.

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Natural Fruit Juices

Vitamins protect us from diseases which is why Natural fruit juices are the best skin care natural product provides healthy glowing skin without any chemical impurities. Juices like carrot, pineapple and orange juice contain vitamins and if the intake of such juices is regular then this may definitely lead to a naturally glowing fresh skin. You can now easily book an online appointment with the Best Skin Specialist in Islamabad through Marham.pk.


A person may also try different exfoliating methods to get white skin. Exfoliation removes dead cells from the skin and replaces dull, tired look with refreshed and glowing skin. A natural exfoliating mix is of sugar and salt, while for a delicate skin crushed almonds or oatmeal may be rubbed onto the skin in circular motions over the wet skin at least twice a week for a healthy polished look.

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Limit Sun Exposure

Exposure to sun darkens the skin. However, it is nearly impossible to stay out of the sun every day but it can be controlled through the application of sunscreen of at least an SPF 30 or more. Furthermore, a wide-brimmed hat and long-sleeved clothes may also protect one from getting tanned. On the other hand, make sure not to keep off the sun completely since it is one of the main sources of providing vitamin D to the body. Which is essential for healthy bones and other vital functions of the body. You can now easily book an online appointment with the Best Skin Specialist in Lahore through Marham.pk.


Moisturizing one’s body may also help in sloughing and help prevent dead skin cells from building up leading to darker skin. In order to brighten skin, usage of a creamy moisturizer which does not contain alcohol daily after a shower is helpful since alcohol may dry out the skin. Coconut, jojoba, olive and almond oils have moisturizing properties and can do wonders to the skin.

Skin Whitening Injections and Pills

People are taken into a stir after watching successful celebrities after usage of skin lightening injections. These injections and pills are said to make ones skin brighter and clearer due to the presence of vitamin C in them. These fairness injections help remove all kinds of skin blemishes like pigmentation, marks, and scars. Along with solving most of the other skin problems including reduced wrinkles and fine line and making complexion fairer. There are many such whitening injections available in the market of different companies and brand. However, according to a consumer update from FDA of 2015 warn consumers to use such injectables into the skin, according to Kim, a pharmacist at FDA: “These products pose a potentially significant safety risk to consumers. You’re essentially injecting an unknown substance into your body—you don’t know what it contains or how it was made.”

Therefore it is important to find and consult a dermatologist for a better solution when seeking such treatments since there are many other skin whitening treatments which may be less damaging than others. The best advice should be taken from the best skin specialist in Lahore, Karachi and across Pakistan.

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