5 Tips for Parents to Train Physically Disabled Child

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Having a physically disabled child is probably the most painful thing for any parent. You are perplexed that how he or she will lead life. You cannot reverse his disability but can train him to live better. Take a deep breath and get ready to prepare him for better living. Following tips will help you in this course.


The biggest problem for parents and each adult is to interact with a special child. Make your interaction better by avoiding the question as they hate it, try to be polite, touch him more, take his hands in your hands and explain your words more than once. If you face any difficulty you can consult the best psychiatrist in Karachi or best child specialist in Lahore via Marham.pk.


Some children with physical disability perceive sensory input in different ways and may be unable to verbalize discomfort. Remember that his behaviour is his communication. Always observe little differences in his behaviour and think about what the child’s behaviour is communicating to you.

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Be Flexible:

Your child does not have the appropriate motor skills for most activities. He can feel this disability and this feeling makes his stubborn in many other ways. Do not mind it, be flexible in your behaviour and help the child go through the motions.

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Be Consistent:

Of course, he is physically disabled, doesn’t understands and is unable to do most of the things which his age fellows are doing without any effort. But you are physically alright, the only thing you need is consistency. To train your physically disabled child is just like train a dragon but if you give up today your child will suffer for the whole life take a little pressure your child will be better human indeed. Take help from the best pediatrician in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities via Marham.pk.
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Use Visual or Auditory Techniques:

Most of the time your words are not working and he is not ready to work accordingly. Think about visual or auditory techniques. Use index cards with beautifully written instructions, if he is not able to read substitute a hand-drawn cartoon or other picture for the words or use auditory cues like clapping, singing or whistling to attract him.

Dear parents, if you have a physically or mentally disabled child, it’s not your or his fault, do not hide him behind the doors, take him out and help him live a successful life.

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