5 Tips To Ensure Accurate Application Of Insect Repellent

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Rainy season is nearly ending and guess what? I can already hear the buzzing sound of mosquitoes in my ears. Once the rainy season finishes, there comes a time when mosquitoes, bugs, and various insects start to appear again.

There are quite a lot of options of insect Repellents in the market. They can be very effective but the catch is, there efficiency is dependent on their right usage. Don’t worry! Marham is here to disclose 5 tips to apply insect repellent on your body effectively.

Even application

Mosquitoes and Ticks can easily attack area that is not covered with the insect repellent spray or lotion, so complete coverage of the skin is essential for repellent to work. Our suggestion to you is, don’t overdo its application, and instead focus on smooth and even application. For lotion, read label for its accurate usage however a thin film layer of it is enough and for spray, spray evenly on exposed skin from a distance of at least 6-8 inches away.

Right Application

Never ever use mosquito repellent spray directly on sensitive areas of your body such as face, eyes, nose or ears. The right technique is to spray some on your hands and then with hands spread it on your face and neck keeping your hands away from eyes and nostrils. Make sure you leave the area of open cuts and wounds as it can react badly to it. Always seek help from a dermatologist if you face any reaction.

Most important areas

Mosquitoes are attracted to some of the common areas of our body such as feet, knees and arms but can you guess there most favorite spots? Well, ankle and elbows are their favorites. Ticks are usually present on the plants on the ground, so they are most likely to hop onto your ankles or foot in general.

Sunscreen first

If you apply sunscreen and are confuse what to apply first. The answer is Sunscreen. Apply it before repellent. First, let sunscreen absorb thoroughly into your skin and then spray or apply insect repellent lotion on top of it.

Special Care With Kids

Its recommended not to use insect repellent sprays or lotions on infants. Lotions that are meant for kids can be applied to them but for that take a small amount of lotion into your own hands and apply it to their exposed areas. Make sure you don’t let the lotion get into contact with their eyes.

Few Most Popular Dermatologist:

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