5 Tips To Reduce The Belly Fat Within Weeks!

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Do you feel embarrassed about your belly fat? Are you the one who always wants to hide his /her belly with loose clothes? Then here is good news for you!

Now you don’t need to be uncomfortable in the party or waste your money on body shapers. I will tell you here the most authentic tips to reduce the belly fat. You can also consult the best dietitian in Karachi to get professional advice.

Everyone has some belly fat but too much fat on this part of your body is not healthy. It increases the chances of getting diseases like diabetes type II, high blood pressure, dementia, some types of cancer, etc. Having belly fat may indicate the sign of obesity.

So here are some healthy tips to decrease your belly fats in weeks.

Cut the Carbs in your diet

Instead of fats, focus on reducing carbs in your diet. According to the researchers, people having a low carb diet show more weight loss as compared to people having a low-fat diet. This weight loss helps in reducing belly fat also. When the overall body sheds the extra pounds, automatically there will be a reduction in belly fat.

Consuming a large amount of processed sugar is very harmful to health. It stores in the form of fructose in your liver and the liver changes the extra amounts of these sugars into fats. Try to avoid sugary beverages as much as you can when you are controlling your belly fat.

Increase fiber diet

Increase taking fiber in your diet. It helps in digestion. It gives you a feeling of fullness for a longer time, hence it controls your appetite.

Taking a high amount of fiber-rich food decrease the total number of calories in your diet. And helps in reducing weight. Which ultimately helps in reducing belly fat.

Take more protein portions

Protein is the best nutrient that helps you to reduce weight. It not only helps you to decrease your weight rather it also prevents the regaining of weight. According to the research, the protein diet significantly reduces the belly fat.

You can take a variety of food for protein intake. Like, legumes, pulses, meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products.

Exercise and yoga

Doing regular exercise is another important thing that you can do to reduce your belly fat. Exercise not only reduces the belly fat only but also it reduces overall body weight.

The key is to do regular exercise. So that you can get the desired results.

For living a healthy and long life, regular exercise is very necessary. It protects you from getting life-threatening illnesses. It makes your metabolism to work properly and that’s why it helps in reducing fat on your body.

Change your sitting posture

Try to sit straight and in proper posture. So that your body can get the perfect shape.

These are some of the tips that can help you to reduce your belly fat. You can consult your dietitian for a detailed diet plan for yourself. If you want to find the best dietitian in Karachi, you can visit the Marham official website or download the Marham mobile app.

In this pandemic, you can also avail of the online consultation facility and get in touch with the best health specialists of Pakistan through Marham for your health-related queries.


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