5 Washing Tips for Tricky Curls of Your Hair

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Curly hair may be a most admired feature of you but only you know it’s not a walk in the park to handle these. In terms of washing this type of hair we have some tips for you, have a look on these.

Limit Shampooing Curly Hair:

If you have curly hair, you should avoid shampooing it on daily basis. Why? Because curly hair is much drier then the straight or wavy hair and more shampooing will make them even drier. Try to shampoo your hair no more than twice a week.

Use Hair products Designed for Damaged Hair:

As we stated earlier curly hair is dryer than regular hair, and so can be damaged easily. Choose the shampoo and conditioner which is specially designed for damaged hair because it contains milder ingredients and will be less affecting to your curls. If you can find a special shampoo for curly hair, nothing is better then it.

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Co-wash your Hair Regularly:

Co-washing simply means taking shower without shampoo but only with conditioning your hair. This will not damage your beautiful curls but work to replenish their moisture. If your hair is drier than normal and have some other scalp issue you can consult the best skin specialist in Islamabad via Marham.

Avoid Using Towel for Drying Curly Hair:

Towel is not a good choice to dry the dry curly hair. A towel can irritate your hair, causing frizz. Instead of towel you can use a light t-shirt or soft cotton cloth to gently dab your hair dry.

Brush Them Gently:

Curly hair, after each wash becomes more problematic. Try to solve your trouble curl with gentle combing. Divide your hair into halves, first comb lower portion and then top portion at the end do combing from top to bottom. Avoid combing in wet hair. It is easy to do but it damages your hair badly. So wait to dry your curl, apply some natural oil and then comb them. It will make them less freaky.

  • Remember your hair is gift of nature, keep them as they are, and just protect them from damaging chemicals, dust and direct sunlight.

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