5 Ways of Avoiding Teeth Stains

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Teeth are an important facial feature. If you have bright sparkling teeth, they will add tons of confidence to your personality. Otherwise, you will not be at ease with communicating in daily life. The way you take care of your other facial features, teeth demand some extra care too. Investment in the health of your teeth will give you benefits in old age when they become a very precious commodity.

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Below are some important tips for taking care of your teeth,

1. Rinse After Eating

Rinse after eating

Whenever you have something to eat, you should rinse your mouth with water afterward. Rinsing will help you to remove the lingering food bits in your oral cavity, which cause plaque. It is a very effective routine because you can also avoid toothache and staining.

2. Using A Straw

Using a straw

While drinking something sweet or even water, use a straw. By using the straw, you can prevent the contact of the substance with your teeth. Straw fulfills the purpose of drinking, and your mouth stays fresh as ever.

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3. Brush For Whole 2 Minutes

Brush for whole 2 minutes

Brush your teeth for full two minutes. Trust us; you are not wasting your time if you brush your teeth for that long. The more time you spent, the better it is for your teeth. Reach every corner and clean your tongue too. Your tongue is the most important part of your mouth, never avoid it.

4. Floss


Flossing is a practice that is not done by most of the Pakistanis. We do not have any recollection of such activity, even from our childhood. So, floss is a piece of string that you use to clean your teeth by reaching the areas where a brush is unable to reach. It is imperative and should practice it every day.

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5. Talk to Your Dentist

Talk to your dentist

Yes, you can visit your dentist only for consultation. It is not necessary to visit your dentist only when you absolutely are in need. You can also visit a dentist for a quick checkup and tips on improving your aesthetics. If you are cautious about your teeth (that you should be), you should visit your dentist and ask for different ways to keep your teeth white and healthy.

If you still want further information, You can visit your nearest dentist or get online information online through Marham.

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