5 Ways to Help Mentally Sick Child

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Join hands for mental health

Mental problems are rising day by day and kids are easy target as they are not strong enough to cope with life harshness. As a parent or elder sibling, it’s your responsibility to keep them protected. If unfortunately, any delicate flower around you is going to fade due to some mental illness help him in following ways.

Stop the Power Struggles:

Abusing, scolding or beating will not work for good but make the situation worse. Calm yourself, listen the victim child, do not correct him, just listen. Try to build a strong bridge of trust to reach him for help. Tell him that you are his team mate, not by your words but affectionate actions.

Mentally Sick Child

Find the Way to Calm Him:

In most cases of mentally sick persons, it is noted that they have mood swings. Sudden anger, anxiety or abnormal behavioural come by their own. Find the appropriate way to calm him in this mood. Your love, sincere and continued effort will make it possible.

Gain the Approach to Reason:

It is exactly what you need to drag him back from darkness. Maybe due to some fear, due to extra stress or by some other mishap of life, he is suffering from present deteriorate state. Never push him or nor try to ask him about the problem. Just be patient and wait the time when he will speak by his own will.

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Never Judge Him:

After knowing the reason, stay with him as before. Maybe the present situation happened due to his own mistake but it’s not the time to judge him or correct him. It will push him back in the worst condition. After knowing his secret, find the correct way to heal his wounds.

Mental illness in children

Find Expert Help:

Of course yes, you alone cannot help him in the best way, you need expert help. A skilled psychiatrist is the most appropriate person who can console the mentally ill child to take back him towards a normal life. Marham.pk is the best platform where you can find and consult the best psychiatrist in Lahore, as in this city various cases of mentally sick children reported recently. You may also take help from other family members or his friends to complete the long journey in shorter duration.

* Be a friend of your child and younger sibling, mostly the negligence or harsh behavior of family make the little creatures mentally sick.

Few Most Popular Psychiatrists:

Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba

Dr. Muhammad Mujtaba

Dr. Ismail Tariq - Psychiatrist

Dr. Ismail Tariq

Dr. Naeem Aftab

Dr. Naeem Aftab

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