5 Ways to Help an Overweight Teen

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Overweight teens, maybe he is your child, sibling, friend or neighbor, are at the risk of deadly diseases and a target of sarcastic jokes. Being a good human you can help that suffering potato. Confused that how you can do it? Here is the solution.

Consult the Doctor:

You are going to carve a healthy individual out of the Humpty Dumpty kind of fellow by cutting down his extra fats. You cannot do according to your opinion. Take the advice of an expert medical professional to know about BMI of that individual according to his age, height, and gender. You can take online help by the best nutritionist in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham. This is also important as obesity can be due to some disease or hormonal imbalance as well.

Make his Mind:

When you have gathered all the advice and opinions to help him then start to make his mind to go on this long journey of fat reduction. You cannot impose on him as he will not do it in this way. Just make him realize politely that how dangerous it can be and how good be the life with appropriate weight.

Make a Diet Plan:

By getting the approval of dude, make a proper diet plan for him according to expert’s prescription. Make it sure by all your possible efforts that he will follow it strictly. Discourage his unhealthy eating. Try to cut down his canteen eating and snacks intake by encouraging and suggesting some healthy alternate snacks.

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Find Interesting Physical Activity:

Physical activity speeds up the melting rate of fats. So find some interesting game or sport to indulge overweight teen. Add this activity to his daily routine to get better results. You can also join him in this part or invite some of his close friends to be part of this.

Be a Couch, not a Sheriff:

This is most important of all that will help him. He is at a tough point of the battle. Your strict behavior can make him stubborn or rude. Be his couch, where he can rest his worries not rest himself obviously, encourage him, give positive feedback and tell him how beneficial and amazing it will be when the goal will be achieved.

  • Be his companion on the long journey, at the stand of victory you will be happier than him.

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Yumna Chattha

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Dr. Shehla Javed

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Muhammad Israr

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