5 Ways to Make a Successful New Year Resolution

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We are here spending last few days of 2017 and ready to welcome a new year. Are you also thinking about New Year resolution? Do you know more than 50% of the New Year resolutions fail? But this time it should not be necessarily yours. Let’s see how to identify a right resolution that makes a positive change in your life and how to achieve this goal?

What is a Right Resolution?

Is there anything like a wrong resolution? Yes! Three of main reasons behind a wrong resolution can be

    • It is decided or proposed by others.
    • It is non-specific and vague.
    • You have no action plan for it.

so when selecting a resolution to be sure not to select a wrong one.

Select a Right Resolution

Just take an overall look at your life and identify what you want to achieve through a resolution. This should be;

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    • Doable- You must not need to push yourself too hard or do things out of your capacity.
    • Meaningful- It should make a noticeable difference.
    • SMART- it should be a smart goal. Smart like
    • S- Specific
    • M- Measurable
    • A- Achievable
    • R- Relevant
    • T- Time-bound

Develop a Realistic Plan

Whatever you aim to achieve needs a properly laid plan. Decide through processes and efforts required how are you going to achieve desired results? More efficient is to pen it down and make it stick in a visible place.

Jump Over Hurdles

If you want to find perfection in your quest for resolution. Don’t! Because you are going to stumble, de-tracked, disappointed and feel lost. But as nothing is forever, so you will bounce back. Only thing to keep check is

    • Stay motivated
    • Appreciate what you achieve
    • Make a plan for how to jump over hurdles

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Find your Clan

Connect with like-minded people and stay connected when you feel like losing it. Having a community to reach out to is great. They keep you motivated, tell you-you are not alone in this, cheer you up and celebrate when you catch up on it.

In short to achieve your resolution you need to love yourself, attend to yourself and make it an effort story if not a success story. Efforts are what matter most. So if you made an effort and did not achieve that much you still are on right track, Just get up and start fresh. You got this!

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