5 Ways to Make Sure Your Baby’s Nursery is Safe

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While decorating your baby’s room taking safety into consideration is very important to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. While you may think your baby’s room is the safest place for him there is a number of potential dangers often overlooked. Some of the simplest ways to ensure your baby’s room safety are as under.

Avoid Using Crib Bumpers

Crib bumpers may seem to offer more safety from getting baby’s hand, leg or arm trapped through the crib and avoiding baby’s head bumping with the crib but actually, their use is more hazardous. These are a potential hazard of suffocating baby because the baby may roll and get his face stuck against bumper which can lead to suffocation.

Install Safety Locks on Cupboards and Drawers

Cupboards and drawers are a potential hazard to the baby’s safety. This is a commonly overlooked danger, but it’s an important one. A curious baby can attempt climbing over a drawer and may result in injury or serious hazard. You need to secure all cupboards and drawers with locks and make sure these are always closed after use. Additionally, all the heavy furniture should also be secured in place by safety kits available on baby stores and online stores like Amazon.

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Be Careful About Portable Fans and Humidifiers Used in Baby Rooms

While using a fan in the baby’s room decreases the risk of SIDS it can also be dangerous. Always be sure to consider following when using electric devices near or in your baby’s room.

  • Is the electric appliance out of reach from the baby? (I.e. not on a table, where it could fall and hit the baby or a toddler may be tempted to climb up to reach it?)
  • If the electric appliance being used is on the floor, unplug it when not in use and secure the outlet with a baby proof outlet cover.
  • Clean the fan regularly to prevent dirt from recirculating in your child’s room/air.
  • Use a fan guard to prevent your child from being able to stick his or her fingers in the fan.

Changing Tables

Changing tables are of great convenience but also a source of serious accidents. As even very young babies can push themselves off the table and may fall. Additionally, if you using a changing pad with buckles that may also slide off. Although there are no official recommendations for a changing table always be sure to buy one with standard safety measures. If you are out of space just stash some diapers in a basket and change your baby on a rug on the floor. Priceless and safe!

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Crib Mattress

A study in the University of Texas found that crib mattresses emit toxic chemicals similar to those found in cleaning products into air right next to where a baby sleeps. The news is horrifying because researchers have found:

1) Body heat causes the chemicals to be released at a higher rate

2) The chemicals are emitted directly into the respiratory system because that’s where the baby’s head is.

3) The newer the crib mattress, the more toxic chemicals it releases. The researchers found chemicals such as phenol, neodecanoic acid, Linalool, and limonene.

Although the health effects of these chemicals are not known yet it is safer to consider buying a certified mattress or buy one with organic certification.

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