5 Ways To Avoid Spanking Kids

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We as a parent try to stay calm but have you ever felt your blood boiling when you are repeatedly stopping him/her from touching a switch board but they are not listening to you? If you have even one kid you know the pain.

Who doesn’t want obedient, calm and well-mannered kids but it is easier said than done. Spanking kids is not a good habit; once you make this your habit your kids won’t listen to your words and instead become stubborn. We are here to disclose a few ways that can help you quit spanking your kids.

Learn you triggers

Children will be children and they will annoy you, exhaust you and make you restless. Their misbehaving can make even the calmest parents’ scream out loud. In order to avoid spanking your kids; know your triggers, figure out when your patience drops so you can control your anger beforehand. Anger becomes one of the major reasons for spanking kids.


If you expect more than your child’s ability to do something then you are more likely to get disappointed. Disappointment can sometimes cause parents to spank kids. If you expect your kids to sit calmly in a mosque for stretched hours then they might disappoint you by screaming and running here and there. As a parent, you need to understand this, instead of spanking them in a public gathering try to expect less from them and learn to deal with their discomfort. You can take consultation with the best psychologist for more assistance.


Instead of quickly reacting to the situation, you need to give them a head’s-up before you react to their undesirable actions. They should know your ultimate threshold. For instance, give them at least 3 warnings before you act strictly.

Take away their favorites

Yes! Spanking hurts for a minute or two but taking their favorite toy can make them learn their lesson. Instead of spanking, the fear of letting go off their favorite possession can make them listen to you. You can also take a consultation with the best psychologist for further help.


Just like adults’, children also need their me time, often times they don’t even know when it’s that time when they need space. So if your child is whining and crying for no good reason instead of scolding or screaming them give them a time-out where they can go to their room and just be on their own.

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